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B2B social media marketing is altogether a different science and it involves a different strategy. Social Media Marketing is about creating Brand awareness, just like the traditional Advertising.
Social Media Marketing is a counter of Advertising in Electronic media, since most people (that includes me as well) tend to spend most of their time on Digital Media (Internet) rather than watching TV.
Social media marketing is definitely important for your business as it helps to drive more traffic. Creating traffic flows through social media can be an incredibly important part of early marketing efforts. Yes, social media is quite vital for marketing a new startup, especially when it comes to a tech company, and thus requires sound marketing skills to promote it effectively.
I enjoyed reading your post and came away informed about various aspects of marketing and social media interactions.

One of the biggest challenges that people face when they go to a company to help with social media is; when they inquire about the past work.
For instance, if coca cola asks a guy to do its Social Media marketing the strategy that a guy would devise would be completely different. If you want to get the leads then SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION (SMO) is the thing for you which actually is an integration of Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and most importantly Blogging. He shares his in-depth ideas about Internet Marketing and Technological updates on his Tech Blog, Techknowlogists, where he share his Internet Marketing expertise. Your author bio states that you are an Internet marketing specialist and your post proves it very well.
I know it may sound a lot of work and hectic but let me be very clear here, if you plan on running your business for a long duration and if you want to be one of the top companies then you can’t just neglect anything in this game.
Therefore, it is definitely needed for a start-up company to draw the attention of visitors.

Most of the companies, just invite us to bring their platform to another level with the blogging or at least social media marketing, but when we actually ask what they want.
I won’t encourage using Facebook that much, until or unless you have something really AMAZING to offer the clients, for social media marketing.
Let me tell you why, how many people do you know tend to read about professional stuff on Facebook.
Facebook is for casual things, people like reading about funny stuff, they want to see consumer products which can actually help them so they join in Fanpages of Brands and do interact on them but if you are a TECH company then Facebook is really not your deal. The bottom line is you can use SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS where you can actually display your product as it will help a lot in B2C Social Media Marketing.

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