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The second is a bigger trend around how social networks are building out their app portfolios. Facebook has made a big push into making strategic moves with standalone apps for specific features, be they established services like Messenger or new efforts like Slingshot. Last quarter, LinkedIn says that Marketing Solutions, its division that includes advertising, accounted for 22% of revenues, or $101.8 million, and grew by 36% over the year before.
So, with LinkedIn also looking to make revenue in ads, it looks like it too is going for a similar strategy to Facebook’s, increasing the ways that an already-healthy audience in mobile might become even more robust. A LinkedIn spokesperson says that “for now” the job seeking features will remain in the main app, with the dedicated app giving people a more detailed experience.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows its members to create business connections, search for jobs, and find potential clients. If you look at the company’s wider range of apps on iOS, half of them (three out of six) are related to LinkedIn’s job search and talent solution efforts. The reason: it drives way more traffic which is an important metric for ad-based businesses.
As I noted when LinkedIn first added job application features to its main app in August 2013, there are already a number of apps in the market that let people look for and apply for jobs on their mobile devices, as well as do extensive research on companies.
For those who are in high-demand roles, having that kind of extra information can sometimes be the key differentiator.

This is about filling that out with more traffic, and tapping into where LinkedIn is already doing well.

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