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Jemingway via FlickrFor those hoping to look their best at the Jersey Shore this summer and are in need of a little nip or tuck, New Jersey will soon offer tax-free cosmetic surgery, as per a bill signed by Gov.
If women begin to take advantage of the new tax-free service, expect a much bigger summer at the Jersey Shore. New Jersey had an even worse decade than most of America from 2000 to 2010, according to the New Jersey Policy Perspective (via Bloomberg). Jersey ranked 40 for employment growth, 25 for wage growth and 44 for cost of living (50=worst).
As they grew older they each had to go work with their dad so they understood how hard he worked to provide us with the lifestyle we lived.
Caroline says: I hear what you're saying, Amy, but I don't want you to allow negative thoughts to get the best of you.

Caroline says: You just did a pretty good job of explaining your feelings in your question, Nidhi. Christie, who came into office in January 2010, has claimed to have added 45,000 private-sector jobs. Every parent wants their child to find the perfect mate, live in a perfect home, have perfect kids, have the perfect job, and live a fairytale existence.
But from June 2010 to June 2011, New Jersey's employment level has continued to slide while 41 states saw growth. I want them to have the best options in life, but I'm afraid without some good study skills they won't be able to make it to college. Have a conversation with your child's teacher, explain your issues, and hopefully together you can come up with some creative ways to get homework done.

However, it's kind of difficult when my parents seem to look at what's on paper as opposed to the whole package, and more importantly, what makes me happy. I'm sharing this with you to make you understand how important it is to have faith in your kids; don't ever let anyone knock them down.

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