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Jobs at Google, Facebook and Apple are the most sought-after careers in the Silicon Valley. In an infographic published by Masters Degree, aspiring applicants may now have an idea on how to land a job at these tech giants.
With the country still deep in recession, the jobs situation seems to be worsening with each passing day. South African job listing site JobVine compiled the following chart of the top ten salaries at Google, compiled from Glassdoor. For jobs within the company, it looks like directors of product management are the highest paid, which is fitting with Google's new emphasis under Larry Page on product over engineering.

The chart is part of a larger infographic that also outlines Google's hiring process -- it's based on a post by Google developer evangelist Don Dodge, who used to work at Microsoft -- and some of the crazy questions you have to answer to get a job there. 1 in 4 young professionals want to work at Google, but fewer than 1 in 250 applicants will ever work at the company. It also highlights the best paying tech jobs, the biggest tech hotspots in the US, the top in demand developer skills, and reveals the current openings. It's not uncommon to see contractors earn more salary than full-time employees at big tech companies, because they're often not able to get stock options and perks.
Furthermore, it provides jobseekers tips on what some subjects you can study to help you land a job with one of them.

A few industries, however, seem impervious to decline, and tech is one of those industries. Since Google, Facebook and Apple use recruiters, the infographic also shows how you can better optimize your resume.

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