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Jobs at Google, Facebook and Apple are the most sought-after careers in the Silicon Valley. In an infographic published by Masters Degree, aspiring applicants may now have an idea on how to land a job at these tech giants. With the country still deep in recession, the jobs situation seems to be worsening with each passing day.
We’ve consulted with Apple employees past and present, done some digging, trawled through fine print, and found there are several tried and tested routes to a job at Apple.
Whatever your discipline, there are things you’ll need to specialise in if you’re to do well at Apple. Windows fanboys, however, might be surprised to know that the door to the Cupertino campus isn’t entirely shut to you.
Apple’s Senior Vice President for Industrial Design is Jonathan Ive, a soft spoken Brit born and raised in Chingford.
Rumour has it Ive often heads back to his old university, giving guest lectures and searching out the most talented students for recruitment to Apple. It should go without saying that Apple won’t hire you unless you’re up to speed on the latest and greatest tech. It offers access to all of Apple’s latest documentation, guidelines and design instructions. Getting your foot into the door at Apple is, obviously, step one in finding a place on the payroll. It’s easier than it sounds, and getting yourself talent-spotted is often a direct route into the Cupertino campus. Apple staff are usually happy to recommend newbies for upcoming jobs (as long as you have the relevant experience and skills, of course), and they even get a payment for the privilege. Back in the 1980s, Apple’s rewards for employee referrals were pretty weak: just a gift token that could be exchanged in the company’s on-campus store.
Our insider tells us that getting work at Apple on the back of a referral, and often after freelancing for Apple as an outsider, leads to a less intense hiring procedure.
Scroll down and expand the “Current company” filter in the toolbox on the left, select “Apple Inc” and you’ll only see designers currently working at Apple. For a broader search, check out Apple’s company page on LinkedIn and look for those tell-tale blue badges.
If you can’t get yourself referred by a current Apple employee, the next best thing is to get yourself talent-spotted by a recruiter.
Contribute a fantastic iOS or Mac app to the App Store, and you might find they get in contact.
Of course, there are as many routes to entry as there are different types of jobs at Apple.
You don’t have to be an open source advocate, or spend years slaving away on forums to score a spot on Apple’s payroll. Last year, amid much gossiping that Apple was about to launch iTunes in the cloud, Bill Nguyen sold Lala to Apple for a reported $80 million. Of course, Apple accepts applications direct to its front door too, from anyone with the correct credentials and skills. Our insider on Apple’s campus says there’s no harm in sending in your CV, and Apple will often keep you on file for other openings too. That’s right, Apple accepts interns, and while you’ll need to be studying for a relevant course and willing to work for lower-than-Apple-average pay, it’s a neat route in.
Constant expansion, and customers queuing out of the door, mean Apple’s constantly hiring retail staff. Our contact inside one of the UK’s largest Apple stores has some advice here though, and recommends showing up at an Apple Store of your choosing and asking current employees about attending a “Recruitment seminar”. It’s not crucial that you’re an Apple expert, or even that you know much about their products in detail. Also, unlike the corporate environment, there are few benefits to knowing someone who already works at an Apple store.

If you followed our advice and scored yourself a referral from somebody already working at Apple, you should find the interview process less nerve-jangling. If you didn’t get a referral, you’ll likely face a phone interview or two before being invited to see Apple in person. If you’re heading to one of Apple retail’s Recruitment Seminars, IFOAppleStore has a great guide to the interview process for sales assistants, but the selection process for more senior positions is more hazy. It should come as no surprise that Apple expects most employees to work in secrecy, but what might cock your head is that most employees value it as much as the company does. It’s an environment described best by Hugo Fiennes: “The direct result is that we can get a lot done, very quickly. As someone that has family at Apple and has placed people at Apple this article is interesting but really is far from accurate.
Don’t forget WebKit, something Apple created which is now used by pretty much every smart phone and many browsers. He’s was either extremely good at his job, or an employer at Apple wanted to scare the hell out of people in the HR department.
1 in 4 young professionals want to work at Google, but fewer than 1 in 250 applicants will ever work at the company. It also highlights the best paying tech jobs, the biggest tech hotspots in the US, the top in demand developer skills, and reveals the current openings.
To that end, you should enroll yourself into Apple’s developer programme, even if you’re not actually a developer. If you’re thinking of becoming an Apple interface designer, you might not write reams of code, but you’ll need to know its Human Interface Guidelines document back to front and inside out.
It’s not as tricky as you might think though, and regardless of the type of job you’re after, we’ve got tips to help you.
In the earlier days of Apple, recruiting was often done on the recommendations of existing employees and while there are more spaces to fill now, Apple still places emphasis on referrals.
We’re told that, if you’re a “known entity” rather than a CV crossing a recruiter’s desk, you’ll get an easier ride.
Where previously we’ve heard Apple can take months to hire a new employee, our insider says recommended applicants could start within a few weeks.
Something as simple as answering questions within the Apple support forums is also rumoured to have lead to employment too, and of course there’s the developer’s back door: generating valuable input and code to an open source project Apple invests heavily in. He moved to Apple’s Core OS Engineering Department as its manager of BSD Technologies in 1999. Much of its code has been aggregated into Mac OS X, which is why Apple was understandably keen to hire Hubbard. In August 2011, notorious iPhone hacker Comex (AKA Nicholas Allegra) did a Bill Gates; he was awarded an internship at Apple after routinely jailbreaking each iOS version to come out of the gates.
Plenty of people have created commercial products and found their companies bought by Apple, along with themselves and their employees. He didn’t just receive a large lump sum though, as Apple wanted access to Lala’s technology and team. There’s one last way to get your feet under the boardroom, or at least the canteen, table: get an internship. Here at Electricpig, we’ve worked with Apple’s PR interns in the past and can say with confidence that they’re bright, enthusiastic and extremely good at what they do.
Your options are getting thin, but there’s still the tried and tested method of working your way from the ground up. These are Apple’s group interviews, where they separate the strong potential employees from the weaker ones.
Apple’s recruitment seminars include exercises where you’ll be thrust into situations with strangers also vying for a job. If you’re invited for a job interview at Apple, whether it’s for a retail position or one within its corporate departments, you’ll need to go prepared.
We’ve heard tales of a single group meeting with eight people leading to a start date in just two weeks’ time where new employees come with an Apple-approved employment history.

Apple doesn’t favour traditional job interviews with one person grilling another, alone in a room, but expect to have your knowledge of your chosen subject highly scrutinised by at least one person in each group meeting.
From our research, it seems Apple does its homework and thoroughly investigates your previous achievements before issuing an invite onto campus. If you can, try to find out what it is that the department you’re applying for is working on, what they need you to accomplish, and then be prepared to talk about it in great detail.
Furthermore, it provides jobseekers tips on what some subjects you can study to help you land a job with one of them. A few industries, however, seem impervious to decline, and tech is one of those industries. We’ve heard countless times from our contacts within Cupertino that it’s attitude as much as aptitude that makes a difference at an Apple job interview, even now that the enigmatic Steve Jobs has passed.
At times that might seem painful, such as turning your back on Flash, and even Java, and instead concentrating on Apple certified standards. That might be a long way from Cupertino, but Apple’s design boss still has close ties with his alma mater. Try hitting LinkedIn and see if you can get an introduction through your network of contacts, and here’s another tip: don’t go straight for the department manager, but find someone who works there and ask them to refer you to their boss. Next search for someone matching the discipline you’re working in, who already works at Apple.
The company has plenty of eyes looking for new recruits, and you can increase your chances of being spotted by proving your abilities in areas Apple is already paying close attention.
It’s also the way one-man-band developers find their way to the stage at Apple keynotes, hand picked to show off new iOS features, and tout the simplicities of Apple’s SDK in one fell swoop.
That’s how Hugo Fiennes went from Warwick University in the UK, to Rio and then to Apple where he heads up iPhone hardware development: By proving a long-standing and intricate knowledge of the ARM hardware at the heart of the iPhone.
Apple may have just wanted to keep one of its enemies where it can keep an eye on them, but it still shows that more morally dubious coding can get you noticed. Apple’s maximum internships are for 51 weeks, so expect to be back on the job hunt within a year. That’s right, you’ll need to out-perform 199 other people to get that coveted Apple ID badge.
For that reason alone, an interview with Apple is cause for a sigh of relief: They like what you do and how you do it, the rest is mostly down to your personality. If you didn’t get a referral you’re more likely to get a more traditional one on one interview with a manager at some stage too.
Have lots of questions prepared, and know that each group within Apple has an individual culture.
In some cases, you’re likely to be rewarded for working incessantly to meet a deadline, thinking up creative solutions to awkward problems, going above and beyond your assignment or job descriptions and coming up with new inventions which Apple later holds the patent for. As much as I love Apple products as an engineer it is one of the places in Silicon Valley I will not even consider. Since Google, Facebook and Apple use recruiters, the infographic also shows how you can better optimize your resume. That said, if you’re studying, honing your skills and transforming yourself into the perfect Apple candidate, there are a few tips that’ll help you along the way. Similarly, Dag Kittlaus, the man behind Siri, found himself buried deep within Apple HQ after the company was bought up for use in iOS 5. Unsurprisingly, the most frequent reports come from retail staff, so if you’re after guidance for those jobs, it’s a must-read. No, when i needed surgery my boss wanted to transfer me out so that she could be sure to make her MBO so she could get her large bonus. The same goes for web developers and iPhone app devs.- Send your CV on spec: that is adorable!

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