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After earning a living as online writers, we were able to compile the simplest, most beginner guide on the market to allow people to learn how to earn income online as a freelance writer. The all new guide will feature a 3 step process on how to get into the online writing niche – and earn extra cash in the meantime! The Freelancers Beginner’s Guide will introduce the amateur writer to the 3 step process of how to get paid for writing blogs, articles and online reviews.
Most people do not know where to look, and more importantly, how to write content for blogs, articles, and product reviews.
If you meet these 5 qualifications, you can go ahead over to the Writing Ebook page and download your guide!
Have Your Writing Hobby Make You a Serious LivingJoin other smart, independent writers building successful businesses. Many writers are creating ebooks for the Kindle ebook store; this is a great form of passive income.
When you discover the secrets of rebranding, you have the keys to creating passive income streams, and you can stop trading hours for dollars. Writers have their own brand to build, and just like any other brand, they are encouraged to have a website with a blog.
This is a topic near and dear to me, and it popped up on my radar both experientially (what was happening to me) and through the discovery of other writers suggesting that writers should not be blogging. One of the main reasons I’ve seen writers suggest that blogs are a bad idea for writers is that they take up time and creativity that you should be devoting to your clients and big projects. It might be easier to slap out a long blog post than work on your next book chapter, and you might find that by writing blog posts, you successfully avoid doing the real work and also avoid feeling guilty about it. I found myself recently telling a friend that when I spend all day writing for clients, I don’t feel like writing for myself at the end of the day. Summation: Spending a lot of time and energy on your own blog will make a dent in the writing you’re able to give to your clients or your serious writing projects. However…there may, if you are successful, come a tipping point where you have garnered all the attention and audience you’ll get with that method. If a huge chunk of your billable time is devoted to blogging for free for other guest blogs, your income will take a hit. Learning to accept some people will make known their surprise that you ask for payment now. Understanding that your go-to guest post sources may not always happily transition to paying for what they used to get for free. Many of my writing clients have seen my previously free writing elsewhere, and ask if I’d like to write for them. The main question, as a freelance writer, is to try and be aware at what point you’ve established yourself enough to no longer need the validation of guest blogging and transition to receiving an income. Summation: Guest blogging is an excellent way to get momentum behind a freelance writing career, because you build a name for yourself and your writing. Depending on your blog, your approach, or what you espouse, you might say things on your blog that resound with your audience but turn off potential freelance clients. I’m not saying to water down your content and fill it with caveats—there’s a place for controversial blog posts. However, there are examples of people who blog in a way that seems to take delight in aggravating readers, or being offensive for offensive’s sake. Summation: Everything you write illustrates your style, your voice, your capability, your strengths, and your weaknesses. This seems obvious, but the point here is that anyone who is old enough to remember concentration levels, researching, and writing prior to the Internet will understand how the research and rewarded components of blog writing might affect other writing.
For example, blog posts filled with images, quotes, outside links, embedded social posts, and so on are considered good form. Writing projects that require long periods of concentration and different research are going to be foreign to bloggers who have been consistently been rewarded for different work habits. Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows is an eye-opener in this area, showing that the Internet can decrease our ability to focus and concentrate for long periods of time. If you’ve only known the Internet and have always relied on it, instead of older forms of research or writing with a typewriter or longhand, this point may be hard to validate or understand. I’m highly aware of a diminishing ability to concentrate compared to my writing and work prior to the ubiquitousness of the Internet.
Summation: Blogging rewards research and writing behavior that don’t serve longer or more traditional forms of writing well.
I can freely admit that focusing solely on blogging has done damage to my ability to create other forms of writing. Though I’ve been blogging for more than a decade, it’s only the last four years where that blogging has been my “day job” and the approach and focus has been different. If you become really good at the blogging format and develop the habits and systems that make it possible to write a post on any topic to fit any headline under any time crunch, that’s fantastic blogging.
As it is, when I sit down to do non-blog writing, I have a very difficult time not slipping into the blogging habits and churning out a three-point outline with facts and some bullet points and a call to action at the end. You can’t bullet-point your way to the end of a short story, though I often find myself thinking it would be easier to just drop a bullet list in rather than take the time to write it out in depth in such moments.

And, because I’m used to how writing 2,000 words feels, everything I write tends to fit into that sort of rhythm. In some cases, you may not be paid much (or at all) for certain types of submissions, but if your goal is to try your hand at writing successfully beyond blogging, there is still merit in the editorial and critique process you’ll go through. Despite all I’ve mentioned above, blogging can still help you be a better freelance writer as long as you don’t let the negatives overpower the potential. I’m participating in the James Patterson Masterclass just for some writing fun, and one of the things I found interesting was the difficulty some students expressed at the idea of writing every day. Blogging (and then sharing on social media) means you’re immediately aware of what people think of your writing and your ideas. Bloggers know how to write when they don’t feel like it, because there are deadlines to be met and topics to be covered no matter what.
As someone who struggles with focus, I take much longer to complete my freelancing projects, which hurts my blog – and, well, my life too. Without blogging, freelancers don’t have many other good ways to establish credibility and reach new audiences. Any type of writing you do becomes second nature when you do it often enough – so if you love blogging, you could specialize in that area. Just last week I gave you 9 reasons why you should choose freelance blogging, but if I had to pick just one, it would simply be this: part time hours, full time pay. There were few things more frightening to my ego than when I first started getting interested in freelance writing. Tom has created something that can truly eliminate all of the discouragement you might feel in getting started with freelance writing.
That may sound like a grand statement, but freelance writing really has completely changed my life.
Because I’ve got some irons in the fire for freelance work – because of your info! Anyone who’s serious about wanting to make money as a freelance writer can benefit from your excellent book. Thank you for the kind words Elizabeth — I am glad that you’re finding it useful! Granted, I told myself to pick anything that was reasonable and not to cherry pick for now. We could all clearly see the fruits of your freelance work on several blogs, so you’re in the right position to point people in the right direction. Just finished your book and would like to thank you for the concise and logical framework you’ve provided. We will discuss how and where to find writing gigs, even if you’re a complete beginner! How to write you content fast and get paid as you work your way up to high-paying articles.
Our guide is written for the beginner and it shows you the free sites that you can visit online in order to get up and running. However, we suggest you get started making a few bucks and reinvest your earnings into the suggested training courses.
People looking for cookie recipes and baking tips will see your other ebooks when they purchase.
Create five mysteries (for extra points, have the same sleuth in each one), before you write a swords and dragons fantasy novel. You know that you can build an income stream by creating products like ebooks, courses and reports, and selling them. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to enhance their skills at her online store. Angela has been writing successfully since the late 1970s, and was online in the 1980s, long before the birth of the Web. For some writers, there is a limited amount of writing energy, and if you have client work that needs to be done, you shouldn’t use it all up on blogging for yourself.
If you’re already getting the traffic and recognition you can get, devoting your writing energy to someone else’s blog may no longer make sense.
And, in a world full of people who seem to want to be offended about something, you simply can’t account for everyone.
Purposefully being a jerk on your blog will have an impact on your freelance writing if clients see your blog, particularly if your name is on the copy you write for those clients (ghostwriters may have a bit more leeway if the client doesn’t care what you say on your own time since your name is not associated with them). There’s no guarantee, either way, how what you say will affect whether or not clients will seek you out to write for them, or whether they’ll look at your body of work and decide they want someone else to do the work. If your freelance writing clients demand more of you than a single blog post and ask you to create content from sources not online, you’ll face some challenges in both your ability to change how you research and to concentrate.
I need to find as many routes to reducing my online time as I can, and if that means shaving back my own personal blogging or reducing the amount of blogging clients I take in favor of other writing projects, so be it.
It may be tough to relearn how to research and concentrate for longer or more involved writing projects. Where I used to blog on a variety of topics for a personal audience (for fun) using humor or rants or fiction or poetry, the blogging I do now is decidedly of a different formula.

And, unless I’m writing a planned series, blog posts are short—even the longest blog posts of 2,000–4,000 words are not comparable to longer writing projects found elsewhere. Non-blogging clients will have their own style guides and preferences that may look nothing like a proper blog post and it will require you to work against your good blogging habits and proven blogging writing systems. I know it’s so tempting to stay in blogging (believe me, I know), but if you really want to do freelance writing beyond your own blog or blogging clients, you’ll have to learn a new writing language.
If there was a recommended daily allowance for writing, make sure you have a well-balanced writing diet. If you’re a serious blogger, you’ve acquired some skills that can help your other freelance writing projects. Writers often fall into the trap of waiting for inspiration before writing, but freelance career writers don’t have that luxury.
I am working on improving my productivity to fit in more writing….which I love to do!
It’s tough at first (and I still struggle), but so worth trying a new way of writing! This is just the information since I’ve recently started a blog as a promotional showcase for a freelance writing interest. You have to make yourself up for something (different) after a short interval of time in order to keep going. Instead, if you schedule some time for TV, a movie, and the pizza along the way, then result might be different…Maybe better than different. It is fitting that I launch the guide from here, as it is freelance writing that has afforded me the flexibility to work from just about anywhere in the world. I personally have used freelance writing as a foundation from which I am able to build diverse income streams. In the past year I have established a successful freelance writing career, averaging over $4,000 per month for the past several months whilst working just 15-20 hours per week.
If for whatever reason you do not like the guide, I will refund your money, no question asked.
Creating great content, finding jobs that paid what I was worth, using the appropriate tools to stay on top of things and not look like an idiot: it was a very nerve-wracking time for me. I am passionate about contributing to your success and cannot wait to help you establish your own successful freelance writing career. I started my writing career as a romance novelist, so I was aware of book royalties (passive income), from the beginning.
Exchange texts, or call each other every day, to make sure that you’re getting your writing done. So you could write five romance short stories, then combine them into one ebook, which would give you a total of six ebooks you’re selling in the romance genre. The techniques and practices they use to promote their product or service use writing as a method.
But those same abilities will probably get in the way of trying your hand at creative writing or other types of freelance writing. When I want to write longer work for other projects and clients, it’s a real struggle; things seem to come out in 2,000 word chunks that don’t always segue well.
Even if they are critical, it’s how you’ll understand what blogging methods you need to shed to make your writing work elsewhere.
Or maybe your goal will simply be one of starting each day using writing prompts and doing some creative writing exercises. She has been blogging since 2002 at her Lone Prairie blog, and works as a freelance writer and visual artist.
I want to grow my (business) blog since I am a Personal Trainer and I adore writing about Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle. However, writing for clients on a daily basis leaves me empty sometimes (and not to mention that I had a brain surgery last April from which I’m still recovering). I can’t give this guide any better praise than by saying that it is quite literally an A-Z gameplan for tackling the most difficult processes of making a living through your writing.
You’re not earning residual income from the many projects you complete for your freelance writing clients.
I always start my writing days (I’m not a morning person, so I do prep work in the morning and do the writing in the afternoon) with my freelance work and leave my own posts for later. I find this helps me even do personal writing in the evening, just knowing I also have that Friday coming down the pipe. Before I quit my job I tried many different methods of making money online and failed in every single one — apart from freelance writing.

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