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Job hunting can be a chore sometimes – but social media can make it easier, and this infographic (by Reed) shows you how to do exactly that. The trouble with Twitter as a recruitment tool is that it presupposes that your company is being followed by all the right talent, both job seekers and other qualified folks who might be tempted once they see that new position. I spoke to Sam Lau at TwitJobSearch the other day and he explained how precise and user friendly the interface is for job seekers.
If you work in anything digital, online, mobile or digital you know that Twitter is the place to be for new job opportunities. Find work in Belgium with this guide on where to look for jobs in Belgium, plus information on Belgium's current job market and Belgian work permits. There are many expats who find work in Belgium, and chances of finding jobs in Belgium's main cities, particularly jobs in Brussels, are increased by the extensive international business scene.With many EU institutions, NATO and lots of other major international organisations and multi-national companies based in Brussels, there are a great many job opportunities for foreigners in Belgium. BrusselsJobs – business, finance, admin and IT jobs for multi-lingual workers in Brussels and beyond.
Jobs in Brussels – and the rest of Belgium, aimed at English speakers, with jobs in business, legal, IT, finance, accounting, HR and international consultancy.
Many have websites with links to the job websites listed above but these have their own dedicated jobs pages: Le Soir, La Libre and European Voice. When you have found a job, you’ll need to know how to put together a Belgian-style CV and cover letter to make sure your application gets the consideration it deserves.
OFICIALLY, being native cannot be a job requirement in Belgium, but if a foreigner is rejected for a job, it's impossible to proof that being a foreigner was the reason to be rejected, even though it's often obvious.
My brother is in Belgium, Ghent for 7 years and went from a excellent independent University - Biotechnology in Portugal as a sandwich course degree as a program and he did work his butt off for the best grades and worked in bad conditions for his projects until one day after he finished his degree his efforts and hard work was noticed by a known company and man that offered him a job after his work placement, he took it immediately knowing that the job was less and not even for the degree specialist that he wanted but he said yes, was Money and Experience, a chance TO LEARN THE LANGUAGE, FLEMISH, IMPORTANT PEOPLE AND NEW WORLDS AND DOORS.
Me I survive in UK for a long time by creating the chance given by the Government to create my own job, Be a BusinessWoman and happily and by doing what I love. I am not looking for a job in Belgium yet, me and my husband plan to move there a bit later, but I have similar situation now as many other people who complain now here in this blog. But you are right, in spite of all the discrimination and feelings that you never will get a job, you just need to struggle and have clear goals.

Discover how to save time and money, by managing your finances and overseas transactions with ease.
Find your new international career, or simply keep an eye on vacancies, with Expatica Jobs. The quagmire for job seekers is knowing exactly what accounts to follow and keeping track of all tweets coming out. To remedy this, there are a few clever applications that aggregate job openings on Twitter and make them searchable from one site. This means it will weed out any government jobless rates or people rambling on about how the love or loathe their jobs. He encouraged me to have a play around with the application and I did just that and thought I’d share my findings here. You will want to be as specific as possible as there are plenty of jobs coming into this aggregator at any given time. In a country with three official languages and many more used in its cosmopolitan capital of Brussels, you’ll give yourself the best chance of finding a job in Belgium if you have good language skills. This, however, has been increasingly moving towards the more egalitarian Dutch approach of flatter and more open organisations, with more information flow and delegation. When you submit speculative applications, make sure you find out which language to use and to whom you should address it. What this means - in many cases to find a native partner - I am aware of how this sounds, but in the end, if the main goal of imperialistic forces is to exploit poorer countries minds, then why those minds would not be allowed to exploit imperialistic forces.
He worked his ass off, under terrible weather conditions, working outside with 10 degrees below zero with deadlines and motivating himself and all the other man, just like the army and he did the Belgium Royal Marina compound , managed it, worked on it and helped to design it for a couple of Euros but the reward was excellent references, for the first job, paid him Flemish lessons and controls the language totally like Dutch, opened doors to the most pretigious companies and after a couple of years ans specializations he is now managing, liaisoning with the best Eco Energy Companies in the world, Nuclear Technologies, Oil Companies Consultations Advice and back then he many times walked home on foot, many days could afford to much food and lived with his school mates to save on rent. FIRST BE POSITIVE MIND AND VISUALIZE YOUR GOALS, WHAT YOU WANT AND WHAT YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO BE THEN YOU BE 100% CREATIVE TO CREATE THOSE CHANCES AND DOORS EVEN PICKING UP BAD JOBS, IS NOT I TELL YOU BY SITTING ON YOUR BACKSIDES DAY AND NIGHT AND PROCRASTINATION.
I am looking for a job in Spain, it is quite difficult, and i feel sometimes like giving up.
Ask Expatica's team of experts or search through previous questions to find answers about living in your country from experience professionals and long-time expats.

When I looked there were 951,402 new jobs in the last 30 days and 1,150 new jobs had come in the last 1 hour. A nifty little Google map appears as well which plots the job opportunities to exact location around London and its suburbs.
When I pick jobs for managers and paying over £100,000, it comes down to 30 positions.
Work in BelgiumThe job market in BelgiumAs at 2014, Belgium has an unemployment rate of just over 8 percent which is lower than the average EU of 10.5.
For information about working for the EU, current job vacancies both permanent and temporary, and to make online applications, see the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO). Of course, while we are aware of the job(s) availability being a problem, it won't be out of place to say here that, the racial bias in Belgium is in my own words more than high.
Also have a look at EuroBrussels for jobs in EU organisations based in Brussels.NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) also employs a lot of foreigners but you must come from a NATO country to apply.
Those students (I am talking about PhDes mostly) are forced to go back home where their chances to get a job, after loosing connections and being overqualified, are often even less than they were before going abroad. I first learned Flemmish for 1.5 years, then learned how to drive since public transport is not very accessible. Available jobs in BelgiumMost available jobs in Brussels are for highly skilled workers within the services sectors, such as finance, international institutions and businesses, estate agencies and education, and public health and social services. We live in Limburg which makes it more difficult for me to find a job as a graphic designer. That's why I'm thinking of taking a course from VDAB to broaden my chance in finding a job, even if it's not really my ideal job, which is sad. Check here to find out if you need to have your profession regulated and how to go about it.

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