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Thanks to easily-available online tools, you don’t need to sit at a desk in an office from 9-5 to work on your company or clients’ social media accounts.
But while many mums today are on social media to a degree – even if it’s just keeping up with friends and sharing photos on Facebook – there’s a big leap between dabbling a bit and setting yourself up as an expert freelance social media consultant or employee. And that’s exactly why Concise Training created the ITQ Social Media Qualification, the first City & Guilds-accredited social media course.
The aim of the course is to give you a thorough grounding in social media, as well as practical experience. Even if you lack confidence and experience now, by the time you graduate from the course you will have created a website and designed a social media campaign, and won’t just feel confident enough to market yourself as a social media expert – you’ll have the tools to do it too!
The ITQ Social Media Qualification is ideal if you want to set yourself up as a freelance social media consultant from home.
As everyone knows, social media is a fast-changing landscape, and you need to have access to the very latest intelligence. Whether social media excites or slightly terrifies you right now, the ITQ Social Media Qualification will give you a really solid knowledge, and practical experience, of all the skills you need to work within an organisation as a social media expert, or to set yourself up as a freelance consultant at home. And the great thing about the course is that all the skills you acquire – how to build a website and market a business online – will enable you to successfully launch your own business without the need to pay other people for help. According to Concise Training, graduates of the course easily embark on rewarding social media careers, with 40% earning back their course costs within three months. If you’d like to know more about social media training, visit the Concise Training website. Learn how to detox your life in a week with seven simple steps in this stylish infographic. Find out how Juliet Wagner, Principal Fellow of the HEA climbed the career ladder while raising three children (two of whom have complex disabilities).

This groundbreaking ebook makes it so simple that even a complete beginner can learn – yet the course also includes plenty of advanced techniques for those wanting to generate leads, sales, and a positive return on your social media investment of time and resources. You see, when you fuse local business and social media together, MAGIC happens for your local clients. And the Good news is, you do not need a University degree to become a Social Media Consultant!
This ebook will take you by the hand and show you, step-by-step the exact process for making SERIOUS money using every possible low and no-cost Social Media marketing method (Hint: You’ll be attached to a Computer for Hands-on Practical Training)!
It will show you how to always get paid up front, 3 months services PLUS a setup fee, to cover all one-time expenses.
It will show you how to deliver a wonderful value to your customers by naturally converting their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn fans into happy, paying customers. I’ve made the Become A Highly Paid Social Media Manager ebook as affordable as possible for you and a lot easier on your wallet.
A big national chain or something of the likes and I would like to partner with you and other social media marketers to service those customers nationwide. With this ebook, you’ll go from where you are now to a total rock star on Social Media at a pace you set for yourself…you’ll make it happen. I understand you’ll walk me through exactly how to develop my own Leading Expert persona in the social media marketplace – then you’ll help me combine what I know with what the market already wants to buy!
On that better-than-risk-free basis, please accept my order of #4,000 NGN and rush me the download instructions for Become A Highly Paid Social Media Manager for Nigerian Companies. With the right social media skills you can work with clients, or your employer, to create powerful online marketing campaigns, and manage them in your own time. It’s also perfect if your job involves social media responsibilities (or you’d like it to) and you want to understand how to use it properly.

You can sign up and study from anywhere in the world, and learn important social media principles that you can apply.
Caroline Anderson from Business Boots paid for her course at least six times over within six months of graduating, and Anna Marsden from social_i_media estimated she had saved herself ?1,800 by creating her own website and marketing, as well as winning work worth over ?1,200 within days of completing the qualification.
Learn why to-do lists don’t work and how to write a more productive Success List instead. Former accountant Paul Lindley reveals how he created the hugely successful Ella’s Kitchen, and shares his top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. Yes, that’s right – I will lead you by the hand and show you exactly how to get this result. Even better, you’ll be prepared to change your Social Media fortunes for the whole of 2013 and beyond. I want to learn how to build my brand as a Social Media Manager for Nigerian Companies using the marketing methods and sales secrets you’ve perfected over the last 12 months. If I decide within 15 days that building a thriving, cash-rich social media consulting empire is just not for me, I can return How to Become A Highly-Paid Social Media Manager Ebook for a full refund of my purchase price.
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