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LinkedIn is clearly becoming the goto tool for recruiting as it is both versatile and powerful when used under the right conditions. LinkedIn users can also post job listings on the site, and then use the recommendation engine to listings to contact candidates with the right skills and qualifications. Recruiters can also purchase a suite of tools called Talent Advantage or purchase access to LinkedIn Recruiter to help their efforts.
In short, LinkedIn is a powerful recruitment tool when placed in the hands of people who are willing to seize its unique opportunities, but it should not be the only such tool in their arsenal.

Recruiters can use LinkedIn both as a traditional job search site and as a social media and networking site to find candidates, build networks, and establish relationships. LinkedIn’s social media qualities makes it a potent personnel hunting resource for recruiters that lets them both search for the right candidates and attract them through more passive means. The more people listed on these networks and the better connected those people are, the easier that recruiting becomes for recruiters using this function of LinkedIn’s social networks. Such an approach is likely to start the recruiter and the candidate on a better footing than the cold professionalism of more traditional job search sites because both of them are more likely to trust the person that brought them together.

Unfortunately, most people on LinkedIn are limited by the number of in-mails they can send each month. By only searching group members, you can send in-mails to as many candidates as your heart desires!

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