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When applying for jobs, lots of candidates have trouble cracking the code on what exactly hiring managers are seeking. Despite globalization, 75% of hiring managers aren’t willing to relocate candidates, so stay local when you can. Hiring managers said integrity, a strong work ethic, accountability, self-motivation and strong interpersonal ability are the most critical attributes for entry-level candidates. According to the fourth annual DeVry University Job Preparedness Indicator, to fill open positions across employment levels, hiring managers are looking for the right combination of job skills paired with specific traits.
It requires several strategies, knowledge and a clear insight that a hiring manager is bound to posses.
DeVry’s Career Advisory Board surveyed 524 hiring managers responsible for screening post-college-level applicants and making hiring decisions. Following are the tips that would certainly direct you towards a successful recruiting process.1. Following are six key tips to help identify and harness the best approach to finding job opportunities that fit your skills and traits.

Identification of requirement: It is vital for a hiring manager to be well versed with the needs and wants of the company. Job description: As a candidate is expected to write a good cover letter, similarly hiring managers are expected to write a good job description.
These tests can help the managers in figuring out which candidate suits the best for the vacant position in the organization.5. Do not stop recruiting: Generally it is believed that the job of hiring managers is done once the candidate is selected.
Use of social media: Along with the traditional methods like advertising in newspapers, the hiring team must also take the help of LinkedIn since LinkedIn is a serious platform which is taken ultra seriously by the job seekers.
Social functions can help in networking: Hiring managers should also open up to the new ways of recruitments. Hiring managers can arrange social functions for existing employees periodically per year and ask the employees to bring one or two friends along.
Use your networks: Hiring managers should also use their own networks in order to bring more candidates and have wider options.

Framing better questions: Hiring mangers generally commit a mistake by asking them questions that can allow the candidate in putting their best foot forward. However being a hiring manager your job is provide undeniable perks to the candidate who deserves it.
Disciplined: Being a recruiting manager it is vital for you to be disciplined because ultimately you are in the position of reflecting the image of your company. This is open up channels for them in terms of understanding the company pretty well.These were the simple tips that a hiring team of managers must keep in mind before, during and after the process of recruitment. These tips would help the organization in recruiting one of the best and the most suitable candidate for the vacant post. So, if your recruiting process is going on or even if it is about to begin ensure that you are following these listed tips.

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