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Self-service portals keep all of the training and onboarding files in one, easy-to-find location online. Gamification is an onboarding process component that has the potential to allow new hires to take their education as an employee into their own hands. Organizations that develop technological onboarding programs catering to new hire needs for collaboration and innovation are likely to have not only successful onboarding programs but also a reduction in turnover. As video has taken hold of the interview process, companies can use it in combination with their tech-centered onboarding process as well. Integrating the onboarding process improves learning efficiency and effectiveness because employees are able to learn in a medium they are comfortable with and at their own pace. Company leadership, despite busy schedules and meetings, have the ability to make a positive initial impression through the development of video in the onboarding process. This collaborative learning opportunity allows new hires to not only learn to work together but also take their onboarding into their own hands through self-service portals. Successful companies view onboarding as a vital process to the success of the new hire in both individual and company terms.

While it’s no easy feat creating an engaging onboarding program, company leadership has the ability to remain competitive. This e-newsletter brings you clear, accurate and straightforward coverage of talent management issues and fast access to expert advice and insights, best practices and pertinent research. A mobile-native digest of HR news and analysis from around the Web that provides readers with an easy-to-review summary of news related to HR management.
Although they will never replace interpersonal communication, technologies like virtual interviews, social media, self-service portals and learning management systems augment it. The interconnectedness of the Web touches all aspects of the hiring and onboarding process, both inside the human resources department and in the job-seeking world.
Integrate social learning into the increasingly digital and tech-centered onboarding process with monitored discussion boards, gamification and internal social networks as they hold the key to engaging the tech-savvy and emerging workforce. Immersing the new hires in the culture and in the work deepens their relationship with the brand, making employees more apt to retain the information they learn during onboarding. Therefore, the video interfacing during onboarding is likely to increase engagement and will increase long-term knowledge retention after training is over.

With training systems and onboarding programs that cater to the desire for innovative programs, company leadership is likely to increase engagement levels. They have the best onboarding programs because they are 35 percent more likely to begin the onboarding process before a new hire’s first day compared with all other companies combined, according to 2015 Aberdeen Group research. Take the applicant tracking system — the electronic filing system has grown into a highly adaptive and responsive automated system to make the hiring process easier for employers. It also makes it easier for managers to track onboarding performance and scores with training.

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