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CS’ new online job board helps campuses find quality security, law enforcement, emergency management and technology employees. Advanced filtering — This function allows job seekers to control what is seen by viewers so their identity can be protected if they desire. To post your open positions, job posts start at $295 for a 30-day posting, and a 60-day posting is just $495.
Hundreds of local businesses let us know when they are hiring for full-time, part-time, and internships. Ask any job seeker what they do to find jobs and nearly all will tell you they use the online job boards.
The careers page on the NBC Universal website shows 183 jobs—nearly four times the number of jobs on Indeed and fewer than those shown on Simply Hired.
In addition to a more complete listing of job opportunities, Simply Hired offers a nifty application that enables job seekers to connect their LinkedIn network to their Simply Hired profile.
Net, anyone who is looking for a job (whether employed or underemployed) should be using Simply Hired for their job search in order to maximize their access to available jobs. Our friends from Inflection participated in our private release, posting a job and while it did fairly well they decided to repost it. We've seen a lot of job postings elsewhere that lacked any spark and didn't seem to be interested in connecting with potential candidates.

What do you bring to the table.Just as important as the job requirements is telling a future employee how they'll be rewarded for their hard work. CareerBuilder and Monster were the two biggies until a decade ago when Indeed and Simply Hired came along and disrupted the market. A search for all jobs at NBC Universal in New York City on Indeed on November 3, 2013 shows 47 jobs. The difference with Simply Hired probably reflects the jobs that were filled at NBC before a month long job listing was removed on Simply Hired. That means that every job posting you find automatically searches your LinkedIn network to see who you know that might work for that company, in that type of position or know someone who does. For the past year-and-a-half, we've talked to folks about how incredibly hard it is to hire great product design talent. But we needed the private release to figure out what it really took to hire a product designer or engineer. These are the things we take into consideration when looking for candidates and something that has driven our approach on our Job Board. But keeping in mind who your potential candidates are and crafting job listings that appeal to them will go a long way in bridging the gulf between companies and hiring great talent. Instead of having a campus using its own HR recruiting system using software from companies like Peoplesoft, the CS Job Board offers that capability on the Website.

With the launch of these two companies, job seekers no longer needed to use CareerBuilder or Monster because Indeed and Simply Hired “scraped” the internet for all job postings including those found on CareerBuilder, Monster, local newspapers, company career pages, etc.
It's thrilling to be able to finally launch our Job Board and expose companies to our network of 450,000 product designers, including those on Forrst and Pattern Tap. Which is why we worked to tailor all job posts to fit our audience and the Design community.
In essence, it is a systemic process that allows a campus to track applicants throughout the entire hiring process.
With Indeed or Simply Hired, a job seeker could search one site and find every available job listing.
What that means is that when an employer’s budget runs out, the job listing no longer appears in a search. In addition, any job listings that are listed from another job board (a common practice) are not included in alerts—the feature that allows job seekers to get an automatic message when a new job is posted that matches their background.
Job seekers think they are seeing all job listings at any given time, but in reality they are not.

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