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Assuming you have your diploma and some work experience, the question to answer is how to use your skills to snag that high-paying overseas job, maybe even on an expat basis. So they turn overseas, where aviation is expanding and there is a clear need for the experience the Americans bring. American pilots looking to work overseas may negotiate their own deals or be matched up with a foreign carrier through a recruitment service, he said. Many of our helicopter pilots are also working overseas, some because the money is better and there are tax advantages if you play your cards right.

The only problem with some of these high paying jobs is the lack of resources put into maintenance.
If you plan to apply for an overseas job, the chances are high you could be interviewed online via Skype or any other similar method.
I've been flying Airbus 320 overseas (south america) for the last 4 years now, money is OK to live down here, and prospects to upgrate to Captain is also good.
In Asia, Tokyo is one of the most highly respected cities that hire foreign accountants but they require accountants to be bilingual and knowledgeable in the Japanese Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the International Financial Reporting Standards.

Many companies have begun to rely more on online applicants who take the time to search them out instead of paying for newspaper ads which doesn’t get as much exposure.

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