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This 1961 Massachusetts newspaper article reported that historians in Indiana were still fighting Mr.
While Indiana, Texas, and Connecticut were touting their Uncle Sam versions, New York was fast at work. While all of the marriage and wedding newspaper articles are of course helpful in tracing my family lines, so are the news articles that cover the other end of the spectrum: divorce notices and court proceedings.
But for each divorce granted it is estimated that the average will run close to one minor child left without the double protection of both parents, showing that divorce is responsible in a way for the rapidly increasing populations of children’s homes.

Perhaps the most memorable image of our Uncle Sam was drawn by the famous pen-and-ink artist James Montgomery Flagg for a recruiting poster during World War I, with a stern-faced Uncle Sam pointing his finger and saying “I want you for U.S.
The Indiana delegation backs a Samuel Wilson who earned the title of ‘Uncle Sam’ in Troy, but who is buried in Merriam, Ind. In this blog post, Scott describes how divorce announcements in old newspapers helped him fill in his family tree. The wide range and the natural diversity of what those newspapers report often hold significant clues to helping me break down my genealogy brick walls. But buyers and sellers are a strange lot and it's often difficult to know which way they'll go.

To add to the mysterious ways of this case, I also found that in 1917 Frank applied for a military pension based on his service fighting the Northern Cheyenne during the “Indian Wars” and listed Charles as one of his sons.

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