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Click here for a short article on the 5 ways law students get jobs and remind yourself how you can be competitive in this challenging job market. If you’re looking for the best jobs in a challenging job market, there is essential information to help you in this new book Get That Job Now. This best-selling job guide is packed with tactics and insider secrets from former recruiter Vicki Theobald, who now helps people from all walks of life overcome the job-hunting obstacles that have held them back in the past. The book provides invaluable insights to help you identify employment opportunities so you can find a job now, not six months from now.
With a writing mix of powerful insights and tactics, compassion, personal development and resolve, this job guide gives you many “a-ha” moments and a plan to follow that can change your life, rapidly.
In this essential job guide you will also learn some of the most effective industry-insider techniques that your job competitors desperately don’t want you to know.
The economic recession means that there are many more people looking for fewer jobs – and lots of those people may be more qualified, experienced and more highly- skilled than you. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for admin jobs, office jobs, tourism, hospitality or any other profession – the competition is out there.

It depends on your commitment to the task, your determination to take massive action… and the quality of the information you have to help you. Good News Fact #1: No matter how bad a recession gets, there are still jobs out there, for people who know how to position themselves as the best candidate for the job. Good News Fact #2: Many of the best jobs don’t necessarily go to the people who have the best skills and qualifications.
Good News Fact #3: Anyone can take steps to massively improve their chances in a highly-competitive jobs market. Using a superior set of job-search tools not only reduces your competition, it can often mean you have no competition at all. The perception a potential employer has of you can hugely influence the chance of you getting the job. The book Get That Job Now contains a range of tactics, tips and inside information to help you get the job you want, faster. About Mark Anthony DysonI am a Career Consultant, Host & Producer of "The Voice of Job Seekers podcast, and Founder of the blog by the same name.

In addition to the awards, my advice has appeared in major career sites such as AOL Jobs, You Tern, CAREEREALISM, Come Recommended, and Brazen Careerist. Go straight for the best job hunting advice, and then proceed with a renewed sense of purpose and a plan.
He makes a great point about using freelancing to get paid for giving advice (as part of the keeping a job part of the book). I help and inspire unemployed, underemployed, and under-appreciated job seekers by finding and creating a voice to be heard by heard employers.

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