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Whether you’re on the front lines, sidelines, or bylines, social media can easily monopolize hours of our day. Bregman’s takes you through specific and actionable strategies to seriously shut down the daily distractions and open up windows of social media opportunity.
Look at your social media year and pick five areas that will make the most difference in your business. One of the secrets to thriving in social media is to look at doing fewer things better and pick the ones that matter most.
Once we have our five buckets of focus, the goal is to make sure we spend 95 percent of our social media time each day doing things that fit into our five most important areas. Building and maintaining relationships is critical in social media and it is easy to forget that it takes just a few minutes to share appreciation, congratulate someone, or offer thanks.
All of these unscheduled things can rob you from important and strategic social media time.
Mastering distractions and getting things done efficiently and effectively goes far beyond social media.
Meet Lisa Buyer in Chicago SES for her ClickZ Academy workshop Public Relations and Optimized Copywriting on Monday, November 14 and learn the latest tips and best practices on writing for search and social, including how to implement 18 minutes to social PR management into your day! Author of "Social PR Secrets" and named one of the top 40 Digital Strategists for 2013, Lisa Buyer is passionate and ambitious about how public relations, social media, and SEO influence each other. She is President and CEO of The Buyer Group, an interactive public relations and social agency located in Celebration, Florida and editor for Social #PR Chat covering trends in Social PR, Mobile PR, Brand PR and SEO PR.
In spring 2013, Kate enrolled in a Harvard Extension digital marketing course on social media.
One-fourth of the world’s population use social media, equating to 1.73 billion active users worldwide.

John Souza, Social Media Marketing University (SMMU) founder, launched SMMU in 2009 and touts 125,000 happy graduates.
This is exactly the reason Brad Tonoff, marketing consultant, enrolled in Syracuse University’s and HootSuite’s Advanced Social Media Strategy (ASMS) Certification. The course, which defines itself as the industry standard credential for social media managers, “consists of 15 lessons, each followed by individual, responsive assessments and will explore the entire social media ecosystem at a strategic level,” according to its website. After a few months of freelancing, Tonoff dropped $2,000, out-of-pocket, for the program to increase his skillset in order to land a full-time job as a social media strategist. Second, the person, who is certified, is more likely to stay in touch with the program, and learn about ongoing changes in social media. Neil Patel, digital marketing expert and co-founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, said a certification does not define whether someone is a social media expert. In fact, Patel receives requests almost daily for a social media certificate offering, but Patel does not plan on creating a social media certification program. He shared his own company observation of an employee who took HubSpot’s social media certification program. When Emig is on the other side of the table, as the employer, he does not always care whether a candidate holds a certification or not.
Ironically, Dominguez steered clear of social media certifications provided by colleges because they are usually so far behind the current times. Kate, on the other side of the spectrum, said the Harvard Extension class left a bad taste in her mouth. If you’re in any type of online marketing position and reading (OK, skimming) this article, chances are high social media is part of your mantra. As I read this book, my social media fog began clearing and my days are now busier doing social media right.

Social media is enchanting because there are so many interesting things to read, people to meet and places to go.
When you decide on your five areas, commit to spending 95 percent of your social media time on these things and allow 5 percent for the rest of experimental or unforeseen unknowns. Our focus is making sure the right things get done, as opposed to making sure everything social media gets done.
Before turning on your computer or picking up your PDA, sit down with the to-do list and decide what is happening to make this a social media successful day. Many users were angry about the change, though the company has seen more search share and social activity. The top three social networks, which include Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, are worth a total of $150.6 trillion. As these networks expand so do the number of experts and companies littering the Internet, charging a high price to teach social media marketing to newbies. With five years under its belt, SMMU may just have been the first social media certification course on the market, but it is difficult to say because there is little to no information on the history of these courses.
I possess more than six digital marketing certifications, and I can tell you that they absolutely will get you hired either as a consultant or as a member of a digital marketing team,” Emig said. Bets are probably higher still that you spend more lost time in unaccountable social media diversions and distractions.
It all depends on how disciplined, organized and aware you are of the time spent in social media.

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