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Top tip: check out the community description, guidelines, and posts, before joining to make sure that the community is right for you. Top tip: before posting to the community ask yourself if you would find the post interesting, useful or helpful if posted by another community member. Top tip: if you have an important event or launch that you think would be relevant to a community, and you are unsure if it is appropriate to post, ask the community moderator if it is OK to submit the post to the community before posting.
Top Tip: Use the G+ search box to search for communities by topic, keywords or location to find communities that may be relevant and useful to you. Social media has presented lawyers and communicators with new challenges as they seek to protect reputation in a social age.

Read the Community Guidelines: most communities on Google Plus have a community description setting out details the topics, aims and purpose of the community, together with details of any community guidelines or rules about what constitutes an acceptable community post.
This Social Media Roundup highlights five items that your organization should include when drafting its social media policy. You should always read the community guidelines before posting into a community to ensure that your post to ensure that your post does not fall foul of any community rules. If you disagree with a point of view that’s fine but always put your opinion forward in a respectful way.
Following the community guidelines will ensure that your posts are not removed by the community moderator.

Use the introductory post to say 'hello' to the other members, tell them briefly who you are and what you do, and perhaps say why you are looking forward to being a member of the community.
I see social media experts urging people to forget about their follower count and concentrate on building relationships with a smaller number of engaged followers. To be successful on social media it is necessary to engage with and build relationships with your followers.

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