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In addition to working in what Ewing describes as a supportive and collaborative environment, Google interns enjoy competitive pay and perks, and interning can indeed be a path to a full-time job. When you think of Google, opportunities for engineering students immediately come to mind, of course. Adam Fernandez, a former Google intern who was hired by the tech giant as an account strategist, was studying finance and international business at Georgetown University when he applied to the Google internship program during his junior year.
Amily He, now an associate product marketing manager at Google who did internships at the tech giant during both her junior and senior years at Harvard University, says students must demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit to stand out among the thousands of applicants for the internship program.
Being a go-getter is crucial because Google interns are expected to contribute and make an impact. And during her first internship at Google, He came up with a way to make an existing product video even better and saw her concept implemented.
Interns at Google are not guaranteed jobs, but they do have a good shot at getting full-time positions at the company.

I loved your post and it inspired me to create a track for people with objectives and online courses on how to get an internship at google.. I know Google is a dream come true to everyone and definitely gives you a start-up to pursue your dreams, it's just sad how brilliant and creative people do google their dream job, they forget that the real dream job is to start what you wanted not they wanted you to do, many Googler start resigning and make their own way to the industry with their own unique and visually amazing Idea, we become the viewer and not the maker, In the end we become mass produce instead of being rare people that is gonna be the next bill or mark and etc.
Hello Sir,I am very interested in working with google+, right now i am doing job of SMO and with that learning the SEO work. Still, Kyle Ewing, who oversees the hiring of interns as head of global staffing for Google, would be thrilled if the summer film The Internship inspires even more students to apply.
But Google hires interns to work in other functions, including sales, marketing, and finance, Ewing says. I would love to be given an opportunity at google because I would love to futher my own ideas and also learn how a real company as google actually survive and gets run as it does. So Co.Create spoke to two former Google interns, who are now working at the company, for advice.

The aspiring tech experts hope to get jobs at Google when all is said and done, but they must beat out brilliant geeks for the coveted positions.
I had completed my Management Graduation in 2008 and after that i had started my career with different kind of jobs.
They could care less if people suddenly have a brainstorm because of the movie and start applying for google.

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