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The number of Internet users in India has increased many folds within a very short span of time. Indian Freelancers are charging an average hourly rate of $19, which is $2 less than what other freelancers are earning globally. The Freelance market in India is purely male dominant who cover more than one-third(78%) of the market with females accounting for only 22%. The worldwide income satisfaction level of freelancers is 46%, with Indian freelancers coming in at 36%. Another interesting aspect here is that the vast majority(85%) of Indian freelancers are in their 20s and 30s.
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Because of such a huge outburst in the Internet section, the Freelance market in India has also grown tremendously.
Also, male Indian freelancers charge an average of 11% more than what female freelancers are paid for the same work. So, in terms of earnings, Indian freelancers still lag behind the global average even though they put more hours of effort than the freelancers from other countries. With more and more users getting their hands on smartphones and Internet, there has been an extension in the profits and the amount of work the companies need to put in to satisfy the users. Though, almost half of the freelancers work under $10 an hour, 18% get paid over $30 per hour. Apparently, after executing the first job for the client, freelancers get approached directly.

The average hourly rate for female freelancers is only $17 as compared to $19 of the male freelancers.
And this has forced them to outsource their work from the freelancers, creating a whole new level of employment opportunity for the freelancers. So, not only the number of female freelancers should be encouraged to grow, but it must be made sure that they get equal payments for the work they do.

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