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Other stuff you will find on admin section are project management, billing management, plugins management, invoice management etc.
Freelance Plus is a web based project management application and can be used by any type of freelancers who wish to manage their works.
Simple Open Source CRM & Project Management System The most complete and easy to use Invoice, Customer and Project management system available.
Client Works is a simple, yet effective way for web designers and developers to manage their clients and offer them an easy way to stay current on the progress of their project as well as make payments using PayPal.
Messaging system allows general conversations, as well as conversations specific to a project, document, or invoice. The most complete and easy to use open source Invoice, Customer and Project management system available for companies and freelancers.
Freelance Manager is powerful, yet simple, project and client management software application.
The ClientEngage Project Platform is an online portal which gives you the tools to more closely interact with your clients when you are working together on projects. More than 2 million projects related to PHP only since 2001, which represent almost 67% of all their projects.

If we talk about the value of Freelance projects, PHP is also the top valuable skills in the network with a value of over $99 million dollars since 2001. You notice also that HTML, website design, and graphic design are on the top chart after PHP. Clientele makes it easier to take a phased approach to projects by organizing documents by customizable project phases.
Your clients will love it as they can login to the client protal and see the status of their projects and invoices what makes this application suitable for almost every freelancer. However when we talk about value and dollars, you will notice a big difference compared to projects numbers.
While in some other cases more than one programming language is required in a project coupled with PHP. It doesn’t mean it will just work for freelance, you can use this script for service professionals, project managers and consultants. It has the essential features your business needs including outstanding client management and project organization.
Like it’s name say, let you manage in an easy and simple way, all your projects and clients through a easy advanced user interface that suits to newer device like iPads, iPhone, Android and all new Browsers.

Some of the benefits of ClientEngage are flawless project management, discussions, effortless task assignments and tracking and a secure upload and attachment sharing facility.
Most notable is that WordPress projects are the highest in number and in value compared to Joomla and Drupal.
This feature packed system lets you easily keep all your customer and project details in one place.
Control your payments, share files and messages with your clients using a forum, check the status of your projects, make and publish your own portfolio through finished projects and more. By using the ClientEngage Project Platform, you will be able to build closer relationships with your clients, whilst ensuring that you have an easily manageable platform on which to share notes, tasks and attachments that pertain to your project. You can keep website information (ftp details, renewal dates), project information (due dates, requirements), invoices, support requests (help! In short: with the ClientEngage Project Platform you will be able to create superior customer value and satisfaction – it is the ideal PHP project management script.

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