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Danielle McGaw quit her job as a business instructor to be able to stay home and do things that she is most passionate about - writing, using social media, creating blogs, and writing about those things! She lives in a small town, smack dab in the middle of Canada, drinks a lot of coffee, and helps small business owners get social as The Social VA. TweetStruggling to find freelance work through traditional channels can be hard graft that often doesn’t reward the time you spend looking for jobs.
Twitter is a hive of activity for technology and media, offering plenty of resources for both journalists and programming freelancers. The great thing about Twitter, and what makes it such a powerful tool for finding work, is that the search functionality is highly customizable (just search for ‘freelance’ or ‘outsource’ with the hashtag ‘job’, for example) allowing you to quickly build up a list of followed organizations that will bring the job opportunities to you.
Facebook is best used as an online portfolio that offers clients an easy way to see your work and interact with you in one easy package.
However, the most important thing is to directly contact your target businesses with structured proposals and on-spec work.

Think of these platforms as points of reference to potential employers if you work in a visual medium.
Whatever you do, the social media route to finding work can take a little time, so make sure you’re not relying on it as a quick-fix safety net for when your other work becomes thin on the ground. As the power of social media grows, many businesses are turning to social media platforms to source their freelancers. However, simply waiting for someone to pick you doesn’t really work too well, and it’s sensible to start building relationships with the real players early. Most types of freelancer shouldn’t think too much about making Pinterest and YouTube their main source of work within social media. Even when you have plenty of work coming in, make time to keep your social media outlets active. However, there are few freelancers taking advantage of this, and even fewer that know how to promote themselves, their product or their service on social media.

While your bio doesn’t allow you to show too much of your work, make sure you link to your online portfolio, allowing potential clients to see you work without even having to ask. For anyone still washing around in the doldrums of e-tender or reverse auction sites, read on to see if you could benefit from leveraging social media. You can also use your personal account to simply ask around, which in my experience often yields great potential contacts that you can approach outside of social media. Also, don’t forget your blog in all of this, and make sure you use it to produce authentic, expert content that will bring companies to you through links on your social media platforms.

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