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Looking for a number of freelance content writers to help us with blog posts, white papers, eBooks, etc.
Nearshore Americas--the leading business publication for the fast-growing IT services and BPO market of Latin America--is seeking a freelance editor to contribute hard hitting news and analysis for our publication.
Chatterhood is an online "virtual village" providing busy parents a directory of family-friendly resources, events, activities, play dating profiles and more in your neighborhood.
MyDocumate is an online collaboration platform and marketplace that connects outstanding writers and educators to China-based students and professionals.
Creator magazine, published by the collaborative workspace company WeWork, is looking for freelancers to write feature articles and profiles of entrepreneurs. International Real Estate magazine is seeking a creative and talented freelance writer for various topics about luxury living, travel and luxury real estate in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. Muskogee Phoenix will be looking for someone available to work as a freelance correspondent to cover area basketball and-or wrestling in our area. An officially-licensed NASCAR publishing company is seeking accomplished freelance feature writers.

Position will support mobile video content for a millennial-focused project by writing entertaining content descriptions and headlines and creating metadata tags for search function. Words & Numbers, a Baltimore-based educational content company, is looking for freelance writers and editors who specialize in NGSS item writing and overall science curriculum development.
One of the biggest struggles of becoming a freelance writer is finding decent freelance writing jobs online. Alicia Rades is a freelance blogger – visit her blog for great articles related to writing and blogging. Saskia is a freelance writer and content manager with experience of working in recruitment. They are other websites providing freelancing opportunities such as website design, article writing, data entry jobs, internet marketing among other jobs. While there are several jobs posted daily on places such as UpWork, they are not always the best paying jobs out there. Don’t be afraid to search for online writing jobs in places other than your usual targets, such as your average freelance site.

I have really enjoyed reading through your posts, very informative and an excellent resource for freelance writers!
You need to apply as a writer to the freelance writing companies offering the writing opportunities for you to get a chance to write for their clients.
For this topic, check out her post Freelance Writing Jobs for Newbies: Landing Your First Client. The best way to do that is to go down several different routes until your find great writing jobs online, rather than just any old job.
The low season in academic writing is experienced from Mid July to Mid September every year. This post will help you find different online writing jobs, no matter what niche you are interested in.

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