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I’ve been working online for four years now, and I’m still amazed by how many freelancing sites are available. And now I’d like to help you land awesome and creative jobs by branching out to the various online sites. Upwork will forever be my favorite freelancing site because this is the one I first started getting work from.
You’ll see plenty of low-budget jobs on here, but you can also find great clients who are willing to pay well. Final takeaway: Craigslist isn’t the obvious choice for freelancing jobs, but it can lead you to some extraordinary opportunities online. About the author: Heaven Stubblefield is a wife, writer, and self-proclaimed know-it-all who makes a living working online. Heaven Stubblefield has really written a nice article about the current growing freelancing sites.
Thanks for this overview – I think you found all well established freelance job sources.
One advice for freelancers especially writers, learn how to trace the principals who scammed you.
I have had to work bad jobs, to the point where I was working 14 hours a day just to make ends meet. The entire point of this debate was that freelancing is far from slavery, as Roland originally stated. I understand your point about freelancing not necessarily being slavery (If anything, the whole point of Freelancing is that it’s anything but). In order to avoid bankroll disruptions and to create the illusion of a steady income, freelancers have to scout for jobs frequently, looking for new contracts. Elance, a rather more conventional freelancing website, is a place where contractors can post projects on which us, the working segment, bid for winning the job. Although I personally do not like bidding against cheaper freelancers, Elance helps seekers with an average bid system, which shows what is the highest and the lowest bid until the moment, and the average sum for all those interested. Short for Online Desk (we believe), oDesk is the perfect place to search contracts for the first time. One of the things I like about oDesk is the variety of posted jobs, the number of contractors offering work projects and the easiness of the payout system. Freelancer is probably the most known source of getting gigs, and we dare to say that here’s the place were most people find something to work on.
I’ve always though of Freelance Switch as a tricky place, especially for those hunting projects often. Yes, that weird minimalist looking website which people use each day for selling or purchasing seldom goods is perhaps one of the best places to find a freelancing position. Once arriving at the homepage, you will have to click on a relevant city (New York or Barcelona lets say) and then choose a relevant domain, from the Jobs section.
Project4Hire – a rather small source for freelancing which is somewhat similar to Elance, this website allows people to post jobs in a couple of minutes.
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Anyway, today, I would like to discuss further about the main classifications of freelance online jobs.
Another advantage of project-based online jobs is that you can take as many clients as you want. I recommend that you go ahead and start looking for a retainer type of online job that pays you not lower than 10k per month. Good Evening sir is it possible to have online work even i don have any cridential in school , sir can you pls. Genesis is an an Online Business Consultant, specializing in Web Development and Social Media Marketing.
Once I started branching out though, I was able to get significantly higher paying freelance jobs, many of which required less time than what I was already spending on work. It has jobs for beginners to professionals, with clients and employees from all around the world. Clients may contact you about jobs, so you need to make your profile as enticing as possible.
You will have to take the Upwork Readiness Test before you can apply for jobs, but then you should take others related to your skills.
Even though this would be logical to do for freelance work, many clients don’t click that option for their posts. As of now, Odesk really has jobs that are way below the minimum rate even for developing countries (I am an Indian and I can vouch for that). I wonder how many people in Seattle will freelance online when the minimum wage rises to $15 an hour. That may not sound terrible for people who are used to labor intensive jobs, but don’t underestimate the difficulties of the mental arts. I was actually lucky enough to find some great clients and a couple of ample-wage jobs but then suddenly from out of the blue oDesk permanently suspends me from using their platform. And when your great desires are paired with the fact that you lack a steady job, and wish for a more flexible schedule, freelancing is the way to go.
Sometimes, even after years of freelancing, people may find themselves out of work and out of any employees. Depending on how low are your expectations and how experienced is the freelancer, the employer picks a person and assigns the project.
This is a simple to use website, which offers jobs to beginners and professionals as well, while helping clients of both sides getting what they want. This feature also store historical events and other work-related details, such as the entire money figure gathered online. Another scheme used by the service is to subtract hidden fees from finished projects, which surely don’t drop nicely for freelancers.
Although their job board environment is not as crowded, usually there are around 10 new jobs every week, aiming mostly people in the web-design and content production area. With highly paid jobs and interesting thing to work on in the tech or IT sphere, there’s always a catch; and in our case, it’s a premium access fee, worth $7 each month. There are cases where some prefer that you do part time jobs (at first) for the purpose of testing and assessing your skills or if the client doesn’t have that much tasks to give you for the meantime. Once you have decided which of the 2 you would like to start with, then it’s time for you to start looking for online jobs.

For years, He has been helping business owners establish and manage their online presence to increase business exposure, reach and sales. After a bit of research and online digging, I’ve come across 68 more freelancing sites and job boards for you to find the freelance jobs of your dreams.
They don’t *have* to work online, especially if it is not providing them with proper job security.
Your arguments are insulting to anyone who has no choice but to keep taking low paying jobs while desperately looking for something better. The only thing left to do is to search for new jobs, and we are here to help with that task. After registering an account, users have the possibility of browsing through over 75 categories, and thanks to their original, but optional, paying system, freelancers can be paid at an hourly rate.
This is accomplished through the use of an interesting screenshot system, which instantly sends captures of the freelancer display.
But what most online job hunters fail to initally define is what type of online job they want to have. I will share to you on my next post where are the best places to look for both types of jobs. I have found a couple pretty good oDesk jobs in the past year or so, but I only got them because I had killer feedback and proof that I knew my stuff (which I do…lol). If they are making significantly less than minimum wage on the internet, they can go to McDonald’s, find a job, and pick up work online whenever something comes around worthy of their time. Even a slow writer online can usually make more than minimum wage from the start – if he or she is active in finding work. Kindly guide me on how I can start with, and which will be the best place to find freelance editing jobs on the Internet.
There are basically 2 main classifications of online jobs available, based on my experience. One benefit of project-based online jobs is that they pay higher compared to the retainer-based types of jobs, however, stability is unpredictable. I only moved to full-time work online when it became more profitable than what I was doing at the time, and then more profitable than the degree I was pursuing. We are forced into low wage dead end jobs because our professional careers were out sourced and we all have become economic slaves to those who outsourced our American lives!
Those who are experienced in doing project-based online jobs usually build a team of other freelancers who will do the task for them. If you have better things to do offline, it is best stay away from freelancing because the competition is terrible.
Once you have gained enough experience and can manage your time well, this is the time you can start getting project-based jobs.

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