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We had a chat with Shawn Adrian, one of the founding developers of QuoteRobot, and asked him to explain a little bit about the service and why you as a freelancer should be interested in this product. Shawn Adrian started designing web sites back in 1992 when the internet was still for nerds. Jonathan Cochran has been designing and coding since he was a kid, making Winamp skins and UI’s for web sites. QuoteRobot makes it easy to send multi-page, PDF, proposals to clients, without using graphic design software. The rest of the features are just things like being able to duplicate a proposal for a different clients, importing people from basecamp, keeping track of milestones, past proposals and how many are jobs accepted, rejected, etc. We really want to focus on helping designers and coders bring in more work, because there are apps already doing a great job of invoicing and project management after the work has come in.

Well, there are tons of ideas out there, but mostly we just want to continue making it easier and faster to quote on jobs.
Find Full-time and freelance job opportunities for Designers, Artists, and Developers in the Philippines. Recently he’s returned from managing an offshore team in the Philippines, started freelancing, and won an award during the 15 days of jQuery competition for his mad Javascript skills.
As a freelancer, and during my agency days, I would create proposals in Illustrator, one page at a time. I’ve spent years pitching jobs, and this format continues to impress clients and land work. With QuoteRobot, I can quote faster and more frequently, on jobs I want, therefore landing more work.

I think my natural to help designers succeed, and Jon’s creative coding genius will take QuoteRobot where it needs to go. I knew other designers were having difficulty too, since thousands of were downloading the free template from my blog. If you look at the value of a new design or coding contract, a $12 investment each month seems like nothing.

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