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Social media revolution - youtube, Social media revolution (original) this video was produced in 2009 based on the book socialnomics by erik qualman.
Here are a couple more free social media search tools to help you stay on top of mentions on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Social Searcher will find mentions of your desired keywords phrase(s) on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
As the tools become more thorough and comprehensive, and allow for email alerts to be sent to you, staying on top of your brand’s social media mentions continues to become easier.

Neuoogle provides the ability to track and monitor any search you need, be that your online profile, product launches, property or just gossip. You simply create your account, add the URLs you want to track, and set the frequency of emails you receive from PinAlerts.
Social Searcher allows you to set up email alerts, lets you filter mentions by platform, post type, and language, and reports on sentiment. Originally from Chicago and currently living in the land of Dixie, she relishes in the flavor of fried pickles and BBQ, but longs for deep dish and a proper Chicago dog.Join all the rest of our awesome subscribers & get our new posts in your inbox (it's free!).

We consult with small business owners on how social media, SEO, business blogging and proper website design can help them successfully establish their brand, reach their customers, and grow their business in the online marketplace.
You can set up social searches for people who are posting online about carpet and rug stains, and then reach out to them via social media to offer your services.

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