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So that I was searching for mturk alternatives data entry works.When I was tried to find the best data entry jobs like mturk, I was found that Bpomart. If you get failed you can attend the retest again.Typing job from HomeIf you are a typist you can complete your works easily. House wives, Home makers, students, unemployed and anyone can do this typing work as part-time.
So that use online typing tool to check out typing speed of yours.Learn with training tool of BPOmart.

But end of the month you should be worked for 120 hours in a month.Your work is typing address and other particulars like name and numbers in hospital bills, Insurance bills, etc. If your typing speed is much better, you can select, otherwise select another test, that will be very easy. One and only drawback with Bpomart is limited earnings and passing typing test before registering an account.
If your typing speed is much enough you could earn rs.10000 a month by working 4 hours per day.

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