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Ford Motor Company knew it had to find a way to reach young consumers after redesigning the Fiesta in 2009. One of the people responsible for much of the campaign’s success is Scott Monty, Ford’s global digital and multimedia communications manager. Monty will speak on campus today about his experiences leading Ford into the world of real-time social interaction. BU Today spoke with Monty about how he got involved in social media, the role it plays at Ford, and the steps he takes when the company introduces a new car.
BU Today: You’re a triple Terrier, and your resume is varied—you first earned a degree in classical civilization, and then moved on to a dual MS and MBA in medical science and health care management. Monty: The original intent was to go to medical school, and I had my sights set on pediatrics. When I started the first year of medical school, I realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t ready to dedicate my life to the scientific side of medicine. I joined PJA Advertising and Marketing in Cambridge, Mass., and while I was there I started learning a little bit about social media, going to conferences and reading books. The executives at Ford had decided that they had treated social media as a hobby for too long and they needed to get serious about it. When you look at the role that corporate communications plays, our responsibility is to improve Ford’s reputation as well as help to build purchase consideration. For example, in 2010 we were launching the 2011 Ford Explorer, and we were thinking about how we would reveal it.
The best thing that companies can do is play an active part in these online communities—they can’t be seen as an advertising platform. Scott Monty (CAS’92, MED’96, GSM’96) will deliver the Doers Makers Innovators Lecture today, October 11, at 11 a.m. But, if you don’t agree and you still wanted some proof of how social media has helped, just look here and here and here and here and here.
With over one billion people using social media channels across the globe, it has become a powerful communications and marketing channel that we cannot afford to ignore. But with so many businesses making use of social media, it’s not enough just to set up an account and post generic items once or twice a week.
Ford knew that the best way to reach their demographic was via social media, so they launched an innovative campaign called the ‘Fiesta Movement’ on their social networking sites. Ford gained over 2.5 million new Facebook and Twitter fans during the campaign and pre–launch awareness of the Fiesta rose to 37% among 16 – 24 year olds, (their target market). The campaign was so popular that the driver-generated content became the basis for the company’s TV spots and print ads and Ford have revamped it to introduce their latest Fiesta in 2014.

As a leader in the fields of technology and connected autos, Ford Motor Company has chosen me to attend their Further With Ford 2015 Silicon Valley event next week. What is success and are you evolving with social media are two questions I was given this month for article contributions I gave to two top users on Twitter.
The company anticipated the compact would appeal to a generation of drivers who were buying their first car and figured a giveaway would create buzz. Monty’s team developed the social media component of the campaign, which helped Ford gain more than 1.8 million fans on Facebook and 206,000 followers on the company’s Twitter page. When I first started writing about social media—I think, it was mid-2006 or so—it was really just blogs and websites. When you think about how social fits into that, for the most part it’s at the higher end of the funnel. It will take awhile until everybody sees the benefits that social media brings to a company. In 2009 they launched an innovative, low cost social media campaign on Facebook, with the aim of attracting young, newly qualified drivers to purchase the new, redesigned Ford Fiesta. They invited members of the public to apply to become ‘Fiesta Agents’, who if successful, would be loaned a new model Fiesta for six months, in return for posting honest feedback about the car on various social media outlets.
Ford received over 4,000 applications, from which 100 people were then chosen, based on their social media reach and expertise. Most importantly, Ford received 50,000 requests for information about the Fiesta in the first 6 days of sale. It employed low cost, guerrilla marketing techniques to utilize multiple social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flicker) in order to create brand awareness, generate discussion and anticipation, while offering a new generation of consumers the opportunity to experience the brand firsthand. The all-new, technology forward, 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum edition includes an exclusive Premium Sony Audio System with Clear Phase and Live Acoustics.
This looked like the best leg to put the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Full-Size SUV through many paces. We discussed many tips for travelers including which bags will get you through a security screening faster, Global Entry for world travelers and how in-flight WiFi from companies like Gogo will keep you connected to the Internet while flying at 600 mph. So, Ford launched a contest and chose 100 drivers from thousands of entries to drive a Fiesta for a year. General Motors, in comparison, has 479,000 fans on Facebook and 91,000 followers on Twitter. I’ve got regional social leads all over the planet, a lead in Asia, Europe, Mexico, South America, and the United States, and I manage them all together as a matrix organization.
I told people who are chasing after Twitter and Facebook, ‘Don’t have a presence there if the people you are trying to reach aren’t there.’ We first try to understand the general habits of our customers, and then we think about how the vehicle fits into their lives and the social web.

We also did it in eight cities simultaneously, and the digital marketing, social, and PR teams all worked together rather than in parallel, as we normally would have. When we look for people to join our team at Ford, we’re not just looking for people who understand the platforms. As a Social Media Company I don’t get as many clients as i am supposed to, because people who have a small business still don’t believe that social media will bring them lots of potential customers. In the case of Ford and most of the other companies people write about, there is rarely, if ever, a correlation between a company’s social media presence and sales. I knew I would be immersed in science for the rest of my life if I went into medicine, and I wanted to have a broad liberal arts education. This was the early- to mid-’90s, and opportunities in the medical field were a bit uncertain, with President Clinton attempting to pass health care reform legislation.
And I have people on the customer service team who are doing social, and they tie into our organization, and then the paid media team, which concentrates on advertising. Anyways, it’s a good thing that big companies such as Ford promotes the idea of Social Media and it is quite clear that they will always bring great changes in the world not only in the matter of technology but in the matter of marketing as well.
Called the Fiesta Movement, the campaign sparked chatter on social media, and the driver-generated content became the basis for the company’s TV spots and print ads. Doing so exposed me to a lot of different people and a lot of different thinking, and I had an opportunity to be a resident assistant, a President’s Host, and president of the Premedical Society, and I got the Scarlet Key award.
I knew that having a little bit of scientific and medical knowledge as well as business knowledge would serve me well.
It contributes as a factor, but for a complex sale, like a vehicle, it’s much more difficult to tie social to the bottom line.
We reached over 100 million people on the social channels, and had 400 million impressions on the web.
So what we look at it is comparisons at how PR works, and media relations, as we look at our own channels, and things that we do like blogger relations, which are much more akin to the communications side of the house than they are to marketing. You get into a couple of hundred people who are involved in social, both inside and outside the company, in everything that we do.

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