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Average Hiring Flight Attendant Jfk salaries for job postings in Jamaica, NY are 37% higher than average Hiring Flight Attendant Jfk salaries for job postings nationwide.
While many foreign airlines have pilots based in the US, Cathay Pacific is the only non-US airline I know of that has flight attendants based in the US (I’m sure there are others, so if you know of any, please do let me know in the comments section!). If you live in the US, speak one of the languages required, and want to be a flight attendant, this is a gig that’s pretty tough to beat.

Norwegian Air Shuttle has a cabin crew base in Fort Lauderdale for their long haul flights on the 787 to Scandinavia and London. My mum’s sister was a flight attendant and she echoes the sentiment of most in that the job is not as glamorous as it is portrayed to be.
They’ve hired thousands of flight attendants over the past few years, to the point that roughly a quarter of all American flight attendants are now new hires.

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