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Although job seekers older than 60 face many challenges when searching for work, such as stiff competition from contemporaries and skilled younger workers, it isn’t impossible to find a job. ReferralsOne way seniors can find jobs is through referrals from people in their social networks, such as family, friends, former work colleagues, and industry- or hobby-related club associates. In relation to this conversation, I’d like to bring up a few closing points regarding women, work, and aging. If you want to create your path to being rich, it’s to your advantage to begin considering how you want to make a living after age 60.

Write down the type of work, schedule and income you want or need before searching, as well as the type of work you're willing to accept if you can’t find a perfect job match.
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Her work has appeared in projects by The National Network for Artist Placement, the-phone-book Limited and GateHouse Media. Additionally, many offer training programs to help you create attractive cover letters and resumes, prepare for interviews and update work skills.

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