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Many companies send their employees to work at their overseas locations by means of an intra-company transfer. Rather than trying to fit yourself into a position description, create a position description of the types of jobs you are interested in and that suit you. A first job abroad will quickly teach these skills and mindsets, which are immeasurably valuable to UK businesses wanting to expand or trade overseas. With a structured, thought-out approach, determination and a dose of creativity, you increase your chances of success during your job search overseas.

You may have to jump a few more of those hurdles, but determination and persistence are likely to pay off sooner or later.So, if your company will not send you overseas or does not have any offices outside your home country, don’t give up. Santa Monica can help you get overseas part timework based on your academic background and experience to meet your living expenses well within the rules and conditions that your student visa allows.
Please bear in mind that jobs are offered purely based on eligibility and qualification for the post applied and based on the rules and regulations on work permits prevailing in respective countries. Through working with international employers to help our students find jobs once they've finished university, we’ve found that their skills and intercultural experience make them excellent candidates.

The easiest way may be to find a job abroad with a multinational company that has headquarters in your home country and hoping that they will transfer you overseas.

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