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Although MBA employment in Europe currently lags other regions, the overall job market for MBAs and grads with masters degrees in other business sectors that include management, accounting, and finance is improving. According to a recent survey that polled residents across the continent, only one major city makes its residents feel that jobs and reasonably priced apartments are there for the taking. Antalya is the only European city where a majority of residents agreed (either strongly or somewhat) that jobs and affordable housing are easy to come by, according to the EU's new Eurobarometer report (which includes Turkey but excludes Russia and non-EU members). In only nine cities surveyed (out of a total of 83) did a majority of people think finding a job was easy. While this mosaic of European cities' hopes and fears is interesting, there's a clear limit to its scope. If Europeans are finding new jobs and good housing hard to come by, they still seem pretty confident that they have resilient, attractive cities that will see them through.

Feargus O'Sullivan is a London-based contributing writer to CityLab, with a focus on Europe.
GMAC reports that Europeans graduating from one-year, full-time MBA programs had the highest median starting salary of $101,093. You probably won't guess which city, because it isn't really in Europe and it's not very famous. On the rest of the continent, city dwellers seem to have little faith in their access to jobs and housing. Most residents in 20 European cities agreed strongly or somewhat strongly that it was easy to find somewhere reasonably priced to live. In Denmark's Aalborg, Britain's Cardiff and Manchester, Turkey's Istanbul and Ankara and the Romanian city of Cluj Napoca, over 30 percent felt that jobs and housing were both easy to find.

The figures gauge not the reality of the jobs and housing markets, but how people feel about them.
The faint silver lining for low jobs-scorers Athens, Miskolc and Oviedo is that they all made the top ten for this group (with top place taken by the Romanian city of Piatra Neamt). The Czech Republic is doing better than many during Europe's ongoing crisis, but its unemployment rate in August was a not-negligible 6.9 percent.

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