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Over the past few weeks, we have been looking in some detail at the job situation for teachers here in China.
Dave's ESL CafeDave's ESL originated as a site aimed at teachers looking for jobs in Korea.
ESL Cafe is probably the best designed of the websites available for those searching for a job in China – its listing boards are simple and easy to use and it has plenty of useful advice. Another key facet that makes Dave's ESL so popular is the China job forum, which allows teachers to share information about jobs around the country.
The China Teaching WebThe most China specific site on the list, the web focuses solely on the People's Republic. The limited scope of the China Teaching Web, which allows its listing boards to focus specifically on China, is certainly a major plus point as it provides easy to access China-specific information. ESL BoardWhere China Teachers Web focuses solely on China, the ESL board casts as wide a net as possible.

One of the issues we’ve focused on has been the importance of doing proper research prior to accepting a teaching job in China. Through this, newbies can ask questions about coming to China – visas, salary and school reputation are common topics - and old hands can post recommendations and warnings. This is the one key advantage as all the links on the site focus on China and China alone, meaning there is no need to sift through countless files on Korea, Japan or Europe. With several listing boards for jobs across the world, locating those in China can take a few minutes.
Because of its impressive scope it also features plenty of listings for China – at least 20 per week.
To continue this motif, we have been delving into the world of online recruitment to find some of the most useful sites for those looking for a teaching job in China.
However, the big bonus here is that, when you do, the selection of jobs on offer is impressive.

On any given week there are usually at least 40 different listings for vacancies across China.
This means that many of the jobs on offer are posted by larger international language companies – Wall Street, English First, Aston English. However, for experienced teachers looking for well-paid jobs at a slightly higher level, it is a valuable resource. We have ignored China-based expat sites that may list teaching vacancies (including our very own jobs section) and examined carefully the options out there for finding teaching jobs online.

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