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Generally speaking, if you immediately switch from one job to another within your same field and get equal or higher pay, that’s not going to be much of a problem.
Fake Quicken Loans Offers Advertised and Sent as Email or FAX We've become aware of fraudulent activity regarding newspaper advertisements and mailers being sent by companies posing as Quicken Loans. Hi- I am being recruited by a competitive company, same industry to join a similar job title but with higher pay.
Here are five simple (and fun!) techniques you can use to search for, find and hopefully land the career you’re looking for.
New nurses and those who have recently graduated may find it hard to look for jobs nowadays.
The whole point of submitting applications and networking is to move the conversation forward about a particular nursing job of interest to you.
Go to job fairs, attend professional networking events, reach out to other healthcare professionals online. Your nursing job search, your ongoing career development, and your overall sense of professional satisfaction is worth it! Learn to familiarize yourself as well with the common mistakes new nurses make when looking for a job as well.

Changing your job while applying for a mortgage is a big mistake that’ll land you in a metaphorical mortgage morass. Switching jobs causes an especially big problem if you take a new job at the end of the year because it will mess up your tax info and W-2s as well. But, if you start in a new career field or take a lower paying job, you’ll have a harder time getting your loan approved. I’ve been with my company for 7 yrs ( 8 yrs in April) but I want to move on to a new company doing a similar job with probably same ball park salary if not more. Yes, changing jobs can throw a wrench in the loan process, but there are exceptions for people who are starting a career in a similar field. Perhaps you’ve uploaded and posted your resume on job board sites like Monster and Career Builder as well as social media sites like LinkedIn. That’s why you need to invest ample time and energy to ensure that you get that nursing job you've been longing for. They can be the same tips you need to find that dream job if you will try to work on them the other way around. That’s not to say that taking a new job will automatically disqualify you from getting a mortgage, just know that it’s a big red flag for mortgage lenders.

Also, a significant time gap between jobs could be a problem because your income won’t look very stable. Would now be a bad time to move on to a new company or should I stay with my current employer.
However, you’re just not getting enough hits and the possibility of landing a new job seems to be moving farther away.
It is better to find out in the early stages whether this will affect your qualification, rather than it being caught at the end. Find groups or events to attend where you can network with professionals and allow them to get to know you. I did have a few mos of unemployment while we were looking for new work but we had plenty of savings and still do.
If you run across someone who has a job opportunity, you can access your resume and immediately share it with them from your cell phone, tablet or a public computer.

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