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People stand in line at the Miami government administration building to apply for one of 35 firefighter positions open in the City of Miami Fire Rescue department on February 2, 2009 in Miami, Florida. Environmental Construction Greenhouses Solar Panels and Wind Turbines Gardens Many of the construction projects on Job Corps centers were carried out with an emphasis on conservation and sustainability, allowing students and staff to utilize a variety of training practices during the building process. Leonor Ponce, who has been looking for work for nine months, checks in a computer database for jobs at the employment help center Workforce One November 20, 2008 in Miami, Florida.
College students and migrant workers flooded job fairs across the country, eager to secure work in a tight market, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Last year salaries surged 40%, to an average of $160 a month, and Yongjin still can't find enough workers.
The Shreveport Job Corps Center used an abandoned house on center and converted it into a "green home" with the help of students and instructors from four career technical training areas - Carpentry, Painting, Welding, and Home Builders Institute. Louis Job Corps Student and Instructor Discuss Environmental Aspects of the Center's New Greenhouse. Louis Job Corps Center received hands-on training in constructing a hydroponic and aquaponic greenhouse, which provides its own power source through wind, solar, and ground radiant heat.

Home Builders Institute and Facilities Maintenance students at the Atlanta Job Corps Center built a greenhouse using tempered glass and aluminum framing.

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