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Welcome to the Central Singapore CDC – JobsCentral Job Bank, in this site you may access directly to the latest career opportunities in Singapore. It’s no surprise that majority of the jobs posted on job boards, are advertised by recruiters (on behalf of the actual hiring companies).
Only recently has Singapore tightened its rules on foreigners looking to work in the city-state. Most of the jobs in Singapore here in question are executive and skilled jobs based in the financial sector. Foreigners who are qualified should not have a problem finding jobs in Singapore, but remember that the way things are going, the government is probably going to be creating new restrictions on foreign workers in the near future. Finding full-time or part-time jobs in Singapore, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, is never easy.

Visit JobsCentral Career Services to find out more how you can be a priority jobseeker and increase your chances of getting your dream job! A new law requires that companies post jobs for at least 14 days on national listings before seeking the right candidate abroad. International companies and Singaporean companies that have their base in the small meritocracy, trying to hire the best-qualified, which often means overlooking local talent pools.
Singapore has traditionally been a meritocracy, awarding jobs and bonuses based on merit alone. Although this is a step in the direction that should see more Singaporeans hired in their own country, foreigners do not have to worry about not finding a job just yet. These typically span the entire spectrum of industries, and so if you want to find something suitable to your skills, you will probably find something at first glance.

Jobs in Singapore for foreigners are usually heavily contested, and though there are new restrictions on companies, they will continue to go to the more-qualified foreigners.
This has resulted in a lax immigration policy that favors foreigners, and the repercussions are now being felt in the rising unemployment rate among young Singaporeans.

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