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Canada is a country with no jobs for new immigrants, regardless of however suitably qualified they are, young or senior. Experience is indeed bitter for them, more intensely so for those who, having been drawn into applying for migration by the rosy picture of Canadian life on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, are now struggling with the shattering challenges of new immigrant life. No jobs, even to survive, let alone succeed, although that was the dream with which they first applied and then, after three or more years of waiting, landed — that dream sweetly deepened by the prospects of the vast land (as it looked on the map) and its vast resources, vast health care, vast opportunities (as they were portrayed on the government website), and so on. Following at least six months to two years of frantic job searching, the new immigrants (doctors, engineers, professors, bankers, business executives) are forced to take up ordinary low-paid jobs as factory workers, security guards, waiters or in supermarkets, call centres or convenience stores, which lead to their low morale and low self-esteem. A little bit of Canadian history everyone missed: 6 Months ago old Bill Gates (yes – ‘the’ Bill) decided to ‘take things slower’ and go for the simple life in rural Canada. So with his strong CV as chairman and co-founder of Microsoft, he applied for a software support role in a small IT company in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada.
So going through the names she finally excitingly told him that Tony, her Boss, who has a Doctorate in HR at some famous university from one of the top 100 Universities ‘in the World’ (all in Canada, amazingly), has picked a list of 16 CV’s (there were 1119 applicants) but that there was no ‘Bill’ on the list. Some provinces in Canada seem slightly better at creating jobs, money, and prosperity that others.
If you are a skilled immigrant in Canada, your chances of getting a decent job are very low.
I agree, not every profession like IT can find a job and they will have to use their brain and look where they can find those types of jobs. Before looking for jobs, you should take some time to learn about the labour environment for your specific occupation in Canada. Of course, you do not need a professional network in Canada in order to begin your job search. When applying for jobs, it is important to remember that Canadian employers may look for certain things that differ from employers in your home country. Whether temporary or permanent, a job in Canada will give you invaluable experience, and may be a stepping stone for a future life in the country.
Hey, in your article I notice that you don’t mention about Labor market opinion (LMO) they just suspend indefinitely which is the key to any foreigner who seeking employment in Canada. I am glad to be one of the reader of canada immigration news letter,as it gives us much more information regarding our search really i apriciat the guidelines always i get here so i would like to thank you.
I demand action by the Department of Immigration Canadian bank action to approve work in one of the partners located in the city of Montreal or Quebec City Altbah to the province of Quebec for the purpose of working in those partners that will be by office, note does not have a career working at the present time .. I am a graduate nurse n a registered midwife,wth a BNS certificate n I want to apply fr a nursing job in canada. While you need a job offer for a work permit, you can immigrate to Canada without any job offer under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has launched a new online system, known as the Employer Portal, for managing the processing of offers of employment made by Canadian employers to foreign workers through the International Mobility Program (IMP).
Seven Ways To Make Yourself More Employable In Canada Although the current Federal Skilled Worker Program allows candidates to make a Canadian permanent resident application without a job offer, obtaining a valid job offer in advance is an advantage for many people hoping to move to Canada.

With this in mind, it is beneficial to maximise your chances of finding employment in Canada. Temporary Foreign Worker Program Overhaul: What Workers Need to Know As regular readers of CIC News already know, on June 20, 2014 the Government of Canada announced major changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).
Jobs are available there for all categories of people — ordinary unskilled to skilled labour or experienced professionals. Skilled in different fields, they, to their shock and dismay, find that there are no jobs for them, even remotely similar, let alone nearly similar, to the ones they had just left behind, and that they would have to remain jobless for an excruciatingly painful and indefinite period of time.
Until recognition is given to them by creating ample opportunities for jobs it would remain so — a shattered dream, a broken glass.
So life goes on in Canada, where 3 million ‘Skilled’ immigrants are most enjoyingly driving cabs, flipping hamburgers and cleaning streets!
Do work background checks on Canada employers to see what their labour reputation and culture is. There are other types of employers trying to defraud the Canada Federal Government Foreign Temporary Worker Program across Canada and not just Victoria BC. Send me email announcements, notices, special offers and other information that may be of interest to me from Canadian Immigrant. From nurses to miners, food servers to IT professionals, employers in Canada are increasingly looking beyond their own borders to meet their employment needs. Thankfully, a few tips can help demystify the process, and with a little luck you could be on your way to a new life and career in Canada! There are a number of Canadian job posting websites that you may use to start your search today.
For instance, it is important to provide a resume that conforms to Canadian professional standards. Many popular immigration programs, such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program, have streams dedicated to processing applications that include a full-time Canadian job offer. To find out if you qualify for Canadian Permanent Residency without a job offer, please fill out a free online assessment today. Can the visitor Visa can be changed to work permit ( if i get the job offer from the employer) with in canada. Can the kids allowed free of education in canada if the process of work permit is going on. How mu ch time does it take to get the Canada work permit after the offer from the employer with in Canada.
The Arranged Employment factor is an important aspect of the Federal Skilled Worker Program and CIC has noted that applicants who have Arranged Employment fare better upon arrival in Canada compared to those who do not have Arranged Employment. When your work permit expires, you will either need to leave Canada, extend your visa, or apply under a different immigration category. These changes have significant repercussions for Canadian employers across the country as well as current and future foreign workers. The Canadian dream initially prompted them to leave behind so much of their material links as well as emotional ties and spiritual connections.

They applied for permanent resident status in the hope that they would find a better life here, but then they are left stranded on their own with hardly any opportunities.
I would like to long for Canada to be a fulfilling dream for me as well as the many others who like me. OUr govt has been dumping third world people who are usually not as skilled and not educated in canada. These franchisees are under investigation for lying to the Canada Government about not being able to find any Canadians to work and need foreign workers.
Or just outright unemployed… Canada immigration system is basically a scam created by the government to saturate the labour market with cheap labour in order to benefit corporations and big businesses. Look through your social networks to find out if you have friends or family (or friends-of-friends, etc) with ties to Canada or your profession. The Canadavisa Job Search Tool, which accesses job postings from across the country, is a good place to start.
A job offer from a Canadian employer may be issued on either a temporary or permanent basis.
You will come to Canada for a specified period of time as a temporary foreign worker, and you will be restricted to working only for the job written on your permit. While the Federal Skilled Worker Program has placed a strict cap on application intake, individuals with arranged employment in Canada are not subject to these caps. If you move to Canada as a Skilled Worker, you can apply for your Canadian Citizenship after 3 years! They have migrated to Canada with the hope of being able to land at least something close to their white-collar professions left behind.
Massive immigration is a farse-its ruining our nation, the birth rate line they tell you is also not t rue- there are 35 other nations with a lower birth rate than canada, one of these nations is Japan, they only have a 1% immigration rate. They just ignored the Canadians job applicants and gave all the full time work hours and promotions to foreign workers, made them work over time without legally entitled overtime pay. If you have no personal ties, you may want to consider contacting professionals working in your field in Canada and asking to speak with them informally in order to learn more about the job market.
If you do wish to change employers once in Canada, you would need to apply for and receive a new work permit. Many Canadians think the foreign worker program is a scam and should be canceled as their are Canadian workers for the work.
Employers only want the foreign workers to bypass labour laws and standards like the incidents with McDonald’s, Royal Bank of Canada, oil companies, mining companies, and others. Upon arriving there, I will throw my Canadian passport (what a joke!) into some old chest and try forget about it and Canada.

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