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The surprises came when VentureBeat asked Simply Hired what the best and worst locations for tech jobs were. It turns out that based on absolute numbers of tech jobs, Washington DC, New York, and the Silicon Valley area are growing the most. As with all social networking, when it comes to job searching there are some big ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’.
There are no hard and fast rules about what to tweet; you need to find your own ground, but remember, your future employer may (or may not) be reading your tweets. A robust LinkedIn account will appear on top of searches when a potential employer searches for your name, thus making you easy to find. In this age of Internet revolution, the very minimum to have when looking for a job are both a LinkedIn and Facebook profile. Twitter on its own is unlikely to find you a job: you may see jobs advertised (and you’ll need to respond quickly if you do), but it should be used as the means to finding a job, and your personal marketing tool.

Even though you are looking for a job, don’t keep tweeting several times a day that you are looking for a job, as aside from appearing desperate (it is okay – we know you are), it is also dull, boring and unattractive. It is imperative that you don’t tweet things that could backfire on your job search and at all times you tweet like the professional person that you are. Employers nowadays are interested in finding out what they can about potential employees through search engines like Google, KGBPeople and Pipl among others.
Also, it is useful to find out who the organizations themselves follow on Twitter, and become part of those networks as well. This way you can work on short-term projects while looking for a job, enhance your CV furthermore and create more connections to further enlarge your network. Through these two social media tools, your employer can find out relevant information about you including your professional, media, social and creative skills, among others. 30 million users check the service monthly from 24 countries, and Simply Hired powers the job search functionality on sites like LinkedIn and The Washington Post.

Do this with the person who has advertised the job – make them feel like they know you, because you have responded to a tweet, or interacted with them.
Within those groups, join in the discussions taking place and spot those individuals who may be able to help you getting a job, or directing you towards a job opportunity. If you want to work in editorial, for example, see how many book publishing editors you can find on twitter, not so much for you to tweet ‘give us a job’ to them, but so you can get an insight to their job and the work they do.

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