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Desired student outcomes has to be top of mind when choosing the right tool or product in the classroom. For many the process of figuring out the correct path whether it is for education, career or relationships involves a few wrong turns before you find the right direction. Deciding on a career is not just about finding the “right job”; it is also about finding a lifestyle that suits your needs.
Click on the Career Matchmaker icon and complete the interest inventory to find out what careers are best suited to your interests. You can also click on Explore Careers to search for specific careers by alphabetical index, school subject (i.e. Another important part of the career decision-making prcess is looking at your personality and how it relates to finding a meaningful career.
In addition to these web-based resources, it is important to take time to interview people who are in the field that you are interested in, volunteer or job shadow.

This entry was posted in Career Development, Professional Development and tagged career choices, Career development, finding a career, finding a job by Clare Tattersall. Forrester predicts, CIOs who are late to the Hadoop game will finally make the platform a priority in 2015. Cheyenne, WYEnter the region where you'd like to find a job, or search by zip code in the next field. We sometimes assume that something that comes easily to us comes easily for everyone, but this is usually not the case. This will not only give you insight into the career, but will also begin to build your network of contacts for when your job search begins.
Hadoop has evolved as a must-to-know technology and has been a reason for better career, salary and job opportunities for many professionals. When you think about household tasks or building a house, many specialized tools are fit for that purpose.

For me, this is a simple question with a straightforward answer – the tools are complementary, each with its own purpose and preferred application. Both of these tools have been developed with a specific use scenario in mind, and a wholesale substitution one for the other does not make sense in most instances. Also check out the interviews with people actually doing these jobs to hear their practical advice.

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