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Santa Monica can help you get a job overseas while you are in your home country itself through our online platform. Are you looking for ways to find a better job opportunity, then you might want to follow the example of thousands of people working abroad.
Many jobs abroad will offer a modest salary and some (like au pair jobs) cover room, board, and airfare. Our dedicated HR team of experienced professionals will coordinate with the immigration consulates in the respective countries to find the best option available to you, based on your academic background and experience.
If, however, you are not one of those typical expatriates, you will have to invest far more time and energy in order to find a job abroad.Trying to find a job abroad may seem a little intimidating at first, but the process itself is not much different from what it would be in your home country. In 2014 there were 6.3 million Americans that worked and lived abroad, and in European nations there were 9 million workers abroad.

Knowing where you want to go, what your financial or housing expectations are, and what you hope to gain from a work abroad experience can make the whole process go more smoothly, says Nevil Hulspas, director of Search Jobs Abroad Europe. Santa Monica takes great pride; we have been instrumental in facilitating a number of students find a stable and successful career abroad over the years. Our Associates, with whom we have a very long-standing relationship and understanding, will assist you to find matching job and employer. With a structured, thought-out approach, determination and a dose of creativity, you increase your chances of success during your job search overseas. Moreover, the institutions where you enrol through Santa Monica are well equipped with dedicated career guidance cells, which will support you in your job searches. There are just a few things you need to keep in mind.Analyze the Employment MarketYou should not dive into the job search right away.

If you have not settled for a country yet, this may help you decide where you’d like to work.Take time to find out if there are any additional qualifications you should acquire to make it easier to find a job abroad. The easiest way may be to find a job abroad with a multinational company that has headquarters in your home country and hoping that they will transfer you overseas.
Your company will expect you to work for them at least several years before they are willing to send you abroad.Alternatively, you can try to land a job with a company based in the country you’re going to.

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