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Not only has the production of more acclaimed television fare not returned, but the big-budget movies also haven’t yet come back.
Los Angeles is not resting on its laurels, however, and is putting in place new legislation that will ensure that the city remains competitive in job growth. While production jobs are returning to Los Angeles, the local industry must continue to find ways to keep existing jobs in the region and bring new ones in, but the progress is encouraging. On Wednesday, California governor Jerry Brown approved a new film tax credit for the state that will bring its credits inline with New York, Louisiana, Georgia, and others. Instead of the controversial lottery system that was in place, tax credits will now be allocated based on the number of jobs created by each project.
There are questions on whether the new program will do enough to stem the tide of runaway production to other states. California will offer tax credits of 20% to 25% with an additional 5% added to productions outside of Los Angeles, which was added to gain broader support from legislators across the state. The new film tax credit should go a long way in reversing the runaway film and television production that has plagued California for the last several years. Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti campaigned on bringing new jobs to Los Angeles, and a big part of that promise was curbing runaway film and television production. There has been a great deal of talk lately about Los Angeles’ runaway production problem.

Through this film from award-winning director, James Moll, you’ll step inside the world of farming for a first-hand glimpse into the lives of young farmers and ranchers. You may access the film on either your PlayStation console or online via your computer device. To access the film on your Xbox console, go to the Xbox video app and sign into your Xbox account.
Please note rental duration of the film – Once the film is purchased for rent, you have 30 days to begin watching. JAMES MOLL’S WORK AS A DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER HAS EARNED HIM AN OSCAR®, TWO EMMYS® AND A GRAMMY®. Film production is still almost a third below its peak in 2005, and television production is well below its peak in 2007—its growth has been driven by reality programming. With national employment in film and television production falling an average of 11% each month year over year so far in 2014, productions are looking to lower overhead costs and are returning to Los Angeles where the infrastructure is already in place. More staff will be added to the Department of Parks and Recreation, which manages city property, and the Department of Transportation will look for ways to improve its announcements of street closures for filming. However, with the compromise, the tax credit will be extended for an additional year, according to The Los Angeles Times. The new tax credit program will also expand the types of productions that are eligible, including new network television dramas, major-studio movies, and television pilots.

2020 Commission's silence on Hollywood jobs 'surprising'Film industry advocates say they're puzzled by the panel's failure to address the loss of entertainment jobs.
Even though there has been overall growth in the entertainment industry since 2005, Los Angeles has been steadily losing film and television production jobs to other states and countries with better incentives, cheaper labor, and cheaper cost of living.
MOLL’S WORK AS A FILMMAKER HAS GARNERED HIM MANY ACCOLADES INCLUDING AN ACADEMY AWARD® FOR HIS DOCUMENTARY DIRECTORIAL DEBUT, THE LAST DAYS. Additionally, a list of city-owned properties available to filmmakers will be put together, and there will be regular surveys of filmmakers receiving permits.
Furthermore, FilmLA’s Philip Sokoloski states that a large percent of any improvement is due to the tax incentives. Since taking office, Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti, has taken steps to rectify the situation by appointing film czar Tom Sherak, as well as working closely with Sacramento to get new incentives passed and lobbying MPAA chief, Chris Dodd, to leverage national attention to stem the runaway production. MOLL’S UNIVERSAL STUDIOS BASED COMPANY, ALLENTOWN PRODUCTIONS, HAS ALSO PRODUCED NUMEROUS PROGRAMS FOR TELEVISION AS WELL AS WEB-BASED CONTENT. IN ADDITION TO WORKING AS A FILMMAKER, JAMES ESTABLISHED THE NON-PROFIT SHOAH FOUNDATION WITH STEVEN SPIELBERG FOR RECORDING AND PRESERVING MORE THAN 50,000 ‘VISUAL HISTORIES’ OF HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS.

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