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The Department of Defense employs nearly half of Mississippi’s federal workforce, with employment spread evenly among the military branches. Four organizations spread across south Louisiana recently received a collective $220 million in federal New Market Tax Credits to go toward increasing opportunity in low-income and distressed neighborhoods. Among the 76 total organizations to receive federal New Market Tax Credits Nationally, were New Orleans-based Capital One Community Renewal Fund, Enhanced Community Development and AMCREF Community Capital.
Stonehenge Community Development plans to spread its $25 million in tax credits across Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Utah and Nevada.
The EDA estimates the MCC project could result in more than new 2,000 jobs and $44.5 million in private investment leveraged.

The Gretna Levee (pictured above) is part of the USACE developed flood protection system that protects many parts of Louisiana from the fluctuating waters of the Mississippi River. Government officials hope the program will ultimately help increase the amount of jobs in a community, access to public facilities, services, healthy food, affordable housing, education and technology. Officials say they plan to invest in community service nonprofit organizations and small businesses impacting minorities and that could create jobs. Officials say they'll use the funds to offer lower-than-market-rates to finance businesses in low income areas of Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas. The state is also home to a large number of military veterans, and the Veterans Health Administration employs over 3,000 Mississippians.

Capital One Community Renewal Fund has receied $421 million in federal new market tax credits since 2006.
Another major federal employer is the USDA’s National Finance Center which employs over 1,000 at its New Orleans offices.

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