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Ten summer jobs participants were involved in all aspects of Bernheim's extensive operation. WESTFIELD - Unable to reach terms with its landlord and facing declining demand to send documents through the mail, new owner Cenveo will shut down the former old Colony Envelope factory in Westfield.
Cenveo purchased the National Envelope out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September and it inherited master leases on six of the National Envelope factories with a company called Spirit Leasing. Hiltwein said Old Colony is also shutting down factories in Appleton, Wisc., and Shelbyville, Ky. Cenveo has more than 100 facilities across the U.S, including other envelope factories in other states. Steve Beshear and Jerry Abramson know how to bring business and government together to create jobs for Kentuckians. Helping Small Business Create JobsGovernor Beshear understands that economic revitalization must come from the ground up, so he developed and expanded a series of initiatives designed to increase resources for small businesses. The Small Business Development Credit Program helps companies create jobs and make critical investments they need to prosper. The Lane Report reported that Union County Livestock will add 25 new jobs and expand its Uniontown plant. The new plant, which will produce electric drive motors for hybrid and electric vehicles, will create 130 new jobs and a more than $74.5 million investment in the Commonwealth.
WLWT reported that CSN Stores will add up to 105 new jobs in Hebron at its new distribution hub. The new distribution center, representing an investment of nearly $7.7 million, will create up to 105 new jobs in the northern Kentucky region over the next few years, Beshear said.
The Bowling Green Daily News reported on Apace Packaging's expansion, which will add 35 new jobs in Monroe County. The Lane Report announced that Senko USA has opened their new distribution center in Clark County, creating 12 new jobs. The facility represents a capital investment by the company in excess of $4.8 million to date and will create 12 new jobs in the community by the end of the year. The 18-year-old company, which is one of the world's leading online retailers of collectible games, moved into a new location in Corbin and has added 50 new jobs, bringing its total employment to more than 160. The full-service steel fabrication facility, which currently serves the mining industry, will branch out to new industries as a result of the expansion – creating 22 new jobs and a $957,000 investment.
Technology solution provider SIS, which has been headquartered in Lexington for more than 25 years, is creating 15 new high-tech jobs as a result of the project.
The Murray Ledger & Times reported that Pella Corporation is adding 75 new jobs in Murray.
Plant manager Doug Dieleman said to a round of applause that 37 jobs were added in March and 23 new workers would come on board Monday. Railway Age reported on Invensys Rail Coporation's expansion that will add 75 engineering jobs in Louisville.

Invensys Rail on Thursday said it will expand its North America headquarters staff in Louisville, Ky., adding 75 engineering jobs.
The Bowling Green Daily News covered GM's announcement that the company will be expanding its Bowling Green facility and adding 250 new jobs.
Industrial powder coating operation Superb IPC LLC will expand its headquarters operation in Shelbyville, purchasing technology equipment that will improve efficiencies. Louisville-based NaugaNeedles LLC will create seven new high-tech and technical support jobs, paying an average annual salary of more than $62,000, exclusive of benefits. The Australian-owned company will create 81 new jobs and invest more than $2.1 million in the Commonwealth. Steve Beshear worked with the company to expand its heavy stampings plant in Shelbyville to meet increased demand from Ford Motor Company's Louisville Assembly Plant. Steve Beshear worked with local officials to help hi-tech start-up Summit Biosciences create 22 jobs. Steve Beshear worked with United States Equestrian Federation to build the Equine Drug Testing and Research Laboratory in Lexington and create 12 jobs for Kentucky families. Steve Beshear worked with Liberty Processing and Services Innovation to create 10 jobs in Louisville. Steve Beshear worked with Innovative Workflow Technologies to create 40 new jobs in Henderson. Steve Beshear and Jerry Abramson worked together to help worked with Dharma Construction to relocate their headquarters to Louisville and create 41 new jobs. Steve Beshear worked with Amneal Pharmaceutical expand their operations in Glasgow and create 48 jobs. Steve Beshear worked with Bremner Food Group to create 111 new jobs for Kentucky families in Princeton. Steve Beshear worked with Paducah & Louisville Railway to expand service and create 10 new jobs in Paducah. Steve Beshear worked with Toyota Boshoku to expand their facilities in Erlanger and create 170 new jobs. Steve Beshear worked with local leaders to help Angell-Demmel expand their facilities in Lebanon and create 52 new jobs. Steve Beshear helped start-up company Trax Mechanical Systems expand and create 100 new jobs. Steve Beshear worked with Bekaert Corporation to expand their facilities in Shelbyville and create 10 new jobs. Steve Beshear and Jerry Abramson worked with RecoverCare to relocate their headquarters to Louisville and create 57 jobs for Kentucky families. Steve Beshear worked with the Remington Arms Company to locate part of its research and development program in Elizabethtown and create 15 new jobs. Steve Beshear and Jerry Abramson worked with Ford Motor Company to save over 5,000 jobs and invest $200 million at the Ford Truck Plant in Louisville.

Westfield records show that the 237,000-square-foot factory at 70 Industrial Turnpike Road was sold to Spirit in 2007 for $11 million.
Steve Beshear and other local leaders a tour of its Shelbyville auto parts plant which will soon be expanding and adding 100 jobs. The company has added 73,000 square feet of manufacturing space at its plant on Hudson Boulevard in Shelbyville, and as part of the expansion, about 100 employees are expected to be added to the Nifco workforce by the end of 2013, bringing the total number to about 200 at the facility. It provides tax credits to businesses that create, fill and maintain one or more new, eligible jobs while investing in equipment or technology. His leadership has brought new, exciting opportunities to the Commonwealth, as well as saved the jobs of thousands of Kentuckians. In all, the company’s commitment to open three new product lines amounts to a more than $150 million investment that created approximately 850 jobs.
This multi-year project is the most significant economic development happening in Kentucky, with the expectation of nearly 8,000 new jobs, an increase in the payroll at Fort Knox of well over a billion dollars and a massive influx of families. The initiative creates direct and indirect jobs through small businesses and increases tourism in the area. The project will generate a capital investment of more than $5.6 million and will create 75 new jobs over the next several years. The company will invest $3.3 million and initially create 50 new jobs, growing to 95 jobs over the next several years. Steve Beshear congratulated community leaders for making Murray and Calloway County a good climate for business and industry Wednesday during a ceremony at Pella Corporation announcing expansion that will bring 75 new jobs by the first week in June.
In June, 15 more will be added for a total of 75 new jobs put in place because of expansions since the beginning of the year, Dieleman said. Steve Beshear said Wednesday that he has inked a deal with a New Delhi company that will build a $150 million factory in Elizabethtown that could employ up to 250 people within three years. The project will lead to the creation of 20 new jobs and a $400,000 investment in Kentucky, according to a news release from the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development.
The project will result in 40 new jobs and a more than $1.6 million investment in the Commonwealth. Japanese-owned companies operate more than 150 facilities in Kentucky, providing more than 37,000 full-time jobs. The company, which is one of the fastest growing public companies in Kentucky, will add 65 new jobs over the next five years to its existing employment base of 237, consistent with those of a worldwide headquarters. The information technology companies together will create 20 new jobs and invest a total of more than $1 million in Northern Kentucky, according to a press release from Gov. Steve Beshear announced Monday that an expected 160 new jobs are on the way.The spec building located behind the TTAI plant on Pin Oak Boulevard will house the new local facility for Hendrickson USA, which has been an industrial fixture in Pulaski County since 2007.

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