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Continued strength in another non-farm payroll number today, represented with 252,000 jobs and a revision upwards in the past two months' reports of more than 50,000 jobs. Filling factory jobs through temporary-staffing agencies the new normal Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune Laborers Sara Rangel, left, and Edie Jacobs, right, participate in a protest Oct. Barbara Hardaman is one of the new employees hired by Method Products, a new South Side soap-making factory. Afterward, she began applying for temporary jobs through staffing agencies with the goal of landing a permanent position.Five years later, Rangel, 47, is being paid $2 less an hour for the same work she did before the recession, and sees herself pigeonholed as a temporary employee with little chance of finding permanent employment. On Tuesday, at the new factory on 111th Street right off the Bishop Ford Expy., Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Ald.

He said Method's potential to improve the Pullman and Roseland communities is what drew it to the Chicago neighborhood in the first place. And even when he's scheduled to work the next day, it doesn't necessarily mean he can count on that job.Massey said he occasionally has been left stranded outside factories because the agency has sent more than enough people for the available jobs.
When that has happened, Massey said, he has had to wait until the end of the shift, when the agency's van returns to pick up those who have worked.If he is bitter it's against Latinos who he believes get most of the temporary jobs in Chicago. Charles that pays $10 an hour, but it's roughly a three- to four-hour commute one way on public transit from his home in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood.Rangel, the stockroom worker, said at the end of a job placement she returns to the staffing agencies and waits in line.
30 to reach a settlement.Since the lawsuit's filing more African-Americans have gotten jobs at Ferrara, said Charles Perry, director of community organizing at Westside Health Authority, which helps connect workers with jobs.

He is involved in three employment discrimination lawsuits against several staffing agencies and three companies, including Ferrara.In one case, Williams believes that more than 1,000 African-Americans seeking work through one staffing agency were blocked from jobs at a baking company at its request. But the federal Department of Labor said many temporary employees are sent to factory jobs without proper training, which has led to injuries and deaths. The solution, which was heated to more than 170 degrees, erupted from the tank, spraying and scalding Centeno who, according to the suit filed in 2012, wasn't provided protective gear including goggles and chemical-resistant gloves.Afterward, Centeno, who suffered burns over 80 percent of his body, was kept at the factory for more than 30 minutes as a staffer filled out paperwork, the suit said.

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