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The 21-year old student from IIT-Bombay has become a celebrity in the neighborhood after news spread of her first job with a salary that first jobs are not know to pay. The Prime Minister’s current record does not suggest he has any novel ideas to change India. Sources from eight campuses that ET spoke to said hiring and salaries will shoot up this year, after a relatively slow 3-4 years. Her third-year internship was in the US, where she went to Facebook office for a “site visit”. In the first 20 hours, online social networking giant Facebook ruled the roost with a Rs 1.55 crore ($250,000) salary offer including bonus and ESOPs for a US posting.

Facebook made the offer for software engineer profiles based out of California to three students at IIT Kharagpur and to an unknown number at IIT-Bombay, sources at the two institutes revealed.
At IIT-BHU, Varanasi, the top package from a multinational was Rs 77.5 lakh ($100,000 base salary, $15,000 sign-on bonus and $10,000 relocation and stock options), an over 19% jump over the top offer last year.
Students will join the American multinational computer technology corporation in product development roles across its hardware, software or industry-specific based groups. At IIT-Kharagpur, Facebook has made the top offer while Google, Microsoft and Cisco also competed for the best talent. Oilfield services company Baker Hughes, ITC (Rs 18 lakh approx), Schlumberger, Cairn India, Shell were among those recruiting for domestic roles.

Around 31 companies are expected on the first day," Natesan Srinivasan, faculty in-charge, training & placement for IIT-Guwahati said A statement from IIT-Madras said the highest offer was $129,500 while the highest domestic salary was Rs 30 lakh.

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