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Police and the State Attorney of Maryland are investigating the honorable veteran after he used his belt to discipline students. A little grumpy at the idea, I wanted to see if I could trick Facebook into believing I'd had one of those big life updates that always hang out at the top of the feed.
According to Maryland law, a teacher, security guard, and administrator can use reasonable actions. People tend to word those things roughly the same way and Facebook does smart things with pattern matching and sentiment analysis. I've accepted a position trying to make Facebook believe this is an important post about my life!

That signal was passed along to a small test group of Facebook users whose brains told them they liked the post and clicked accordingly. Deciphering the exact levers and pulleys in Facebook's algorithms is impossible from the outside. So the other day I tried to trick Facebook, testing whether I could force a post to the top of my friends' News Feeds. It is written in a wild array of numbers, symbols and computer-speak that only a handful of Facebook employees understand.
The best you'll ever get in trying to experiment with successful posts on Facebook is feeble correlation.

They signaled their enjoyment, which gave Facebook the confidence to show the enjoyable joke to more people. I love her," Walls said, adding that she won't be so careless when posting on Facebook in the future.

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