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Facebook temporarily banned users from posting reports by an immigration watchdog analyzing federal statistics that show immigrants in general, and illegal immigrants specifically, are taking a big share of new jobs that come open in America, according to the group producing the reports. The Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank relied upon by immigration critics, said Monday that the posting of four recent reports on jobs and immigration had been barred by Facebook.
But after Secrets raised the issue with Facebook, a spokesman said the ban was an error and that the reports will be allowed to post. Facebook and founder Mark Zuckerberg has taken a position in support of immigration, which has become a top issue in the GOP presidential primary race. The center said that by barring four reports from being posted on Facebook, now among the top news sources for America, the website is censoring information key to the immigration debate and the drive by some in Congress to expand immigration. Facebook's soon-to-be-opened data center in Altoona, Iowa will be 100% wind-powered, the company has announced. The wind plant will generate 138 MW, which will more than cover Facebook's needs for the data center (artist rendering shown above.) The remainder will be sold by MidAmerican to other customers. According to Freed, it took Facebook more than a year to arrange a wind power deal for the new data center slated to open in Fort Worth, Texas, next year. Basically, Freed says, these principles show regulators what a company like Facebook needs in order to make these deals happen.

In Texas, Facebook was able to set up its own wind deal through three companies: Citigroup Energy, Alterra Power Corporation, and Starwood Energy Group.
But in regulated states such as Iowa and North Carolina, where Facebook operates additional data centers, the hassle is far greater. The good news is Internet giants like Facebook have the leverage to change the power landscape for the better. Facebook employees this week began moving into the company's new Menlo Park campus, seen in this image.
This was a big week for Facebook as employees began moving into the tech giant’s glitzy new 430,000-square-foot building designed by famed architect Frank Gehry. To be clear, no one blames Facebook or other tech companies for the Bay Area’s housing crisis. Tech companies often reach out to their community neighbors and help in a variety of small ways, such as by donating money to local nonprofits, but those actions are not proportionate to the effects caused by the opening of mega campuses or to the amount of money at the disposal of companies like Facebook, Saver said. It is extremely troubling that Facebook would block studies that simply report government data on how immigrants and natives are faring in the U.S.
Originally, MidAmerican was going to build a nuclear facility, but when it heard about Facebook's desire to move into Iowa with green energy, MidAmerican shifted plans.

The new West Campus in Menlo Park, California, is now the crown jewel of the Facebook empire, with the building set to support more than 2,800 of the company's more than 9,000 employees worldwide. Silicon Valley has the most expensive housing in the nation, and as Facebook, Google and Apple build campuses in the area, another influx of tech workers will put additional stress on the market, displacing more of what remains of the middle- and low-income families in places like Menlo Park, where Facebook’s new headquarters is located, as well as neighboring East Palo Alto, one of the last havens of affordable housing left in the San Francisco Bay Area. It will bring Facebook that much closer to the company's goal of being 25% renewable energy-powered worldwide by 2015. But Peter Freed, who helps oversee renewable energy efforts at Facebook, isn’t entirely pleased. On Monday, in the wake of Facebook unveiling its latest data center site in Texas, Amazon announced that it will open a 670.000 MWh wind farm in North Carolina.

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