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Many clients are upset that choosing a career isn’t like buying a car at an auto mall where all possible choices are featured in one place. Our preferences and goals change over our lifetime, and career choice is a continual process. As a society we are living longer and need to be open to retraining to keep our careers challenging and rewarding. Making decisions about career options can seem like a complex process but there are steps you can take to help you explore your choices at each stage. Knowing your interests is an important first step in exploring your choice of possible careers. In order to effectively identify the advantages and disadvantages of each career option, it is important for you to determine what your priorities are when it comes to careers.
Participants receive a personalized tutorial utilizing the results of their assessments to maximize use of the extensive O*Net database in their career planning, including information on careers, current labor market trends, salary information, and career resources. Last updated: Sunday, June 1, 2014 Career choice advice is one of the main services that clients seek from career counselors and coaches. The research process itself is overwhelming, and even if you hire a career counselor or coach to assist you, no one can just tell you which career option is best for you.
You will find that all career paths involve some aspects you might not like and all choices involve some tasks that aren’t entirely enjoyable.
Author and career counselor Barbara Sher describes this as a complete lack of tolerance for life’s necessary chores, the day-to-day requirements of living with which even extraordinary people doing extraordinary things must grapple.

For example, if you find yourself thinking, “I can’t choose a career and I’ll never be able to choose one,” replace that thought with, “If I do the research and invest the time to explore my choices, I will be just as equipped as anyone else to make a good decision.” Research shows that cognitive reframing is highly effective if you do it consistently and you choose reframed thoughts that are both hopeful and believable to you. Some family members or friends want to be supportive of you but they are genuinely convinced that the only way to be happy and successful is to become an engineer or a physician or a lawyer or whatever their favored career choices are. If you don’t have good role models for success, career decision-making can seem more daunting than it otherwise would be. Review the content in various career options and select 2 that you want to explore in more depth.
This can include the % of growth that is expected in this area over the next ten years or similar careers to research more.
Now that you know what is important to you when reviewing your career options, you are ready to complete the bottom portion of part C of the worksheet. Your career can be built upon your interests and take you places that you might not even imagine right now. Once you make a real career choice, you are put in the position of grappling with both the good and the bad about your decision, which entails facing a certain amount of disappointment.
Try to find options that are congruent with as many of your values as possible, but realize that no one gets 100% of what they want, at least not all at the same time! You may secretly wish that someone would just do all the hard work of research for you and give you the type of career choice advice where someone just tells you what you should do. They may be giving you career choice advice that would be right for them but isn’t right for you!

Professional coaching is also useful to accelerate the process of evaluating which career options fit with your interests, values, personality, and strengths. We hope you will find this career exploration interesting and helpful to you in achieving your goals. Sometimes after several weeks of exploring potential industries and jobs, it can feel discouraging if decisions don’t seem crystal clear.
By talking to people about how they spend their work days, you can benefit from their years of experience rather than try each career choice yourself.
Alternatively, if you want the autonomy of self-employment, you must be prepared to take the responsibility of navigating your own career ship, with all the risk that this entails. One of my favorite things to ask parents is whether they would recommend their careers to their own children and why or why not.
Box #1 is the most important to you for career choice, box #2 is the 2nd most important and so on.

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