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Average Executive Meeting Sales Manager salaries for job postings in Cleveland, OH are 11% lower than average Executive Meeting Sales Manager salaries for job postings nationwide. Summary: Offering outstanding presentation, communication and cross-cultural team management skills.
The National Employment Matrix shows little movement in projected growth or loss of top executive jobs in the next 10 years. When he was associate department head at the University of Central Florida’s sports business management program, Bill Sutton asked all the applicants he interviewed why they wanted to go to grad school. Those who run the better-connected sports management programs know what sort of offers their students field each year as graduation approaches, and what sort of workstyle those jobs entail. But most impressions formed about executive compensation at major pro franchises have been anecdotal, or abridged. Responses came from more than 500 employees at 126 teams, ranging from manager to C-level executive (CFO, CMO, etc.).

The data tells a story that resonated with the heads of the more prominent sports management programs, as well as some of their students and recent graduates. While educators and senior team executives said starting salaries typically are $20,000 to $35,000 a year, the survey showed those who crack manager level earn a median of $65,000 in total compensation, including commissions and bonuses. For those who pursue the management track, financial reward comes with advancement more than tenure. From the time he started as undergraduate at the University of British Columbia, Marcus Cheng knew he’d follow up his management information sciences degree with grad school. Cheng said it’s less a matter of starting salary than the fact that opportunities for advancement up through management are far fewer than they would be at a large corporation.
Based on the survey, NBA team executives are paid better than their counterparts, with the 19 who said they report to the top person at the franchise receiving median compensation of $245,000.
Median compensation increases to $105,000 at director level and $165,000 for vice presidents, and then soars to $340,000 for senior vice president and executive vice presidents.

Built primarily around night classes and located in Manhattan, Columbia’s sports management program gets mostly students who already are in the field and hope to accelerate their advancement. Many positions in top management may open due to retirement or by those leaving to start their own businesses, but applicants will face high levels of competition to fill these positions. Those at senior vice president and executive vice president make slightly more than double the compensation of other vice presidents. After working as an account executive on Marshall University for ISP Sports for a year, he landed a job in corporate sales for the Cincinnati Bengals.

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