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Social media refers to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Google +, Tumblr and Pinterest. Social media sites can provide businesses with direct access to customers, potential customers, suppliers, partners and employees, simply and quickly. According to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2014, social media can provide a multitude of benefits to you and your business. Think of social media as a far-reaching consumer questionnaire, except that you haven’t had to coerce anyone into actually filling out the questionnaire.
Even if your company is not yet connected to social media, your competitors most likely are and to avoid falling behind, it would be wise to dedicate a significant proportion of your marketing strategy to dealing with it as soon as possible. If you are starting out with a new business and do not yet have a following, you are unlikely to see the benefits of social media for a while. Digital business expert Penny Power, who advises the government on digital marketing, says that social media channels should be approached as if they were a ‘new local pub’ you are walking into for the first time. Most people accept that no social media campaign can be truly effective without monitoring, but what also deserves attention is the question of who is responsible for your social media activities. At design4equine, we are digital communications professionals with several years of experience in social media campaign planning and implementation. Most business owners understand that they need to be using social media as a marketing vehicle to grow their business. There is far more involved in creating a successful social media campaign than just building a good looking page. Businesses use various marketing channels to promote themselves, their products and their services. Over the last few years, social media has become one of the most widely chosen tools by marketers to create brand awareness and increase profitability. Digital Insights have produced an infographic on social media facts, figures, numbers and statistics for 2014. These figures demonstrate really how large your potential audience could be with social media marketing. The report also showed that customers who engage with companies with social media are ‘better’ customers, which was demonstrated by the positive correlation between social media engagement and survey participant’s preference for a brand, as well as their willingness to recommend that brand. When people engage on social media, many of them recommend products and services to their friends or family. Social media is popular with marketers because of its ability to build industry authority relatively quickly, by publishing content and sharing it on social media sites. At design4equine, we are digital communications specialists with several years of experience in social media campaign planning and implementation.
Social media can be a very effective marketing channel -- that is, when brands utilize it correctly. In this column, I will explain what those horses are and why you need to get them out in front of your social media efforts.
If social media is going to retain any legitimate place in the online marketing tool box, it has some explaining to do. Only 15% of US survey respondents trust social media posts from brands, according to a Forrester Research report.
Only 1% of the online sales for Black Friday 2013 were attributable to social media, according to an IBM study. Doing social media marketing just because it’s the latest thing is a recipe for disaster.

Having a clear articulation of your brand helps keep you on point and helps your content and social media messages lead people toward a clearer understanding of why they should care about your company or want to do business with it. So a clear understanding of your brand is the first horse you need to have in place before your social media cart. Targeted, purpose-driven content is the next step because it ensures that there is substance behind your social marketing, and it gives your brand (and followers) something worth sharing.
It’s important to begin creating and publishing content prior to your first social media marketing campaigns. If your social media posts succeed in arousing the interest of people who see them, your longer-form content should reinforce to them that their initial impressions of your brand were well-founded. Only when you have a clear understanding of your brand and have begun to articulate that understanding through authoritative content are you ready to engage the marketplace via social media. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.
Attend Marketing Land's SocialPro conference and learn fresh new strategies and tactics from some of the savviest brands and digital marketing agencies managing earned, owned and paid social media marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. Used optimally, activity on social sites can increase traffic to your website, improve search engine ranking, increase your brand’s exposure, help to establish loyal customers and possible new partnerships and, as well as positively affecting your sales, it will can reduce your marketing spend. If your competition hasn’t ventured into social media, get ahead of them and make your mark now. You wouldn’t strut into a new pub in your area broadcasting that you’re an equine rug manufacturer or that you’ve got a new range of equestrian clothing.
If you take some time to research the people who have influence in your sector and who are interested in what you are doing, one hundred of these followers are likely to be worth far more than a million followers who are only following a company because they entered a competition to win a big prize once upon a time. It is not wise to leave dealings solely to a junior person because perhaps, you think they ‘get’ social media. In a field such as social media which is evolving at a tremendously fast rate and changes to the way sites are being used by businesses are constantly changing, starting out can be daunting for businesses.
But the majority of businesses have not figured out how to turn social media marketing into an increase in sales.
You are able to utilise a huge user base to give yourself the opportunity to reach a wider target audience than you could hope to achieve with other marketing channels. According to the Office of National Statistics (2013 report), over half (53%) of all adults in the UK participate in social networking. Social media provides you with that channel – a huge active audience of potential customers for your equestrian business. For example, paid social media ads create brand awareness and customers turn to social networks and peer reviews to research and explore a new product or service.
What this means is that you cannot afford to miss out on having a presence on the right social media network. We can plan your content strategy for all network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and blogs, write and manage your content for you, as well as advise you on changes to the ways sites are being used by businesses, on new networks and new methods for successful social media marketing. Marketing on social media is less like instant coffee and more like slow-roasted whole beans. Understanding your brand gives you the foundation for all of your marketing, but now you need some structure on top of that foundation.
Obviously these content pieces will become the heart of what you share on your social media channels.

When people begin seeing and following your brand on social media, many will eventually want to check you out.
Learn and influence consumers’ behaviour on social media and you could make a profoundly positive change to your sales figures. That’s almost 20 million people and means that by using social media you can potentially reach a huge amount of people and will increase the odds that your marketing message will get through to a significant proportion. You can choose the demographic information of the people you want to reach to make sure your followers are the best recipients of your marketing messages and with over 1.23 billion people in the world using Facebook alone, who spend an average of 20 minutes a day on the site, the potential to build a following is great. Your potential reach through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + is extremely far and content is easy to access, so your marketing messages and what is being said about your brand are extremely important.
We, at design4equine stay abreast of updates to social media platforms and changes in consumer behaviour so we can be sure that we are giving you up-to-the-minute information on how best to use social media for your brand. With the number of active monthly users on social media sites, as shown in the table above, you can be sure that an overwhelming majority of your customers will have a profile on at least one of the sites, meaning that there’s a very good chance that your marketing messages will reach them.
Almost all adults aged 16 to 24 (93%) have used social networks in the past or present and one in every two adults (50%) aged 45 to 54 year olds use social networking.
If your product is recommended by someone on social media, there is a high chance that you will see increased volume of traffic to your website and that you will also see conversion to paying customers. This creates brand awareness and establishes your reputation as a company who know their customers and can be trusted to meet expectations. In such cases, they might be less inclined to remember brand social content that had appealed to them. In other words, for social media to count as having generated a sale or customer acquisition, those actions had to have come immediately from an individual social media post.
However, I strongly believe it is only when you have some substance behind steps one and two that you are ready to do serious social media marketing. Mark writes for numerous top industry publications, and is a regular speaker at various SMX events and other national marketing conferences. However, with social media, you can actually have a two-way conversation with the consumer and create a community of customers who you can interact with. Marketing messages should be approved by senior staff members and any and all communication online must be dealt with in a totally professional manner. You should actually write out this story, as it informs the types of content and social messages you need to create for each stage of your prospects’ journeys toward becoming customers. They should be the kind of content that people want to have associated with their social feeds. There are some useful monitoring tools which you can take advantage of, such as Hootsuite which monitors live streams of conversations on social media sites when people mention your company, products, or specific keywords and report the activity back to you. However, don’t expect social media to provide instant trust, customer acquisition, or sales.
This is a good way of tracking what your customers are saying about you and your competition so you can effectively target your marketing messages. However, what social media is good at is building relationships that can lead to real trust.

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