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There is no question about whether you should use social media marketing to further your business brand. As an experienced, industry-leading social media agency, BEM can help your business navigate the intricacies of social media to develop an informed approach best suited to meet your business objectives. Highly influential sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have opened an incredible new avenue for businesses to engage and interact with current customers and attract new ones. Social media marketing has the potential to increase customer engagement, notify company followers about current promotions, and encourage repeat sales. While you likely know basic characteristics of your customer base, like an age range, you may not know which social media networks they use most, which you can get a better idea of through focus group research. Use your website to draw customers to your social media profiles, where customers can learn about current company promotions and share links with their friends.
People like receiving responses to their comments on social media, just as they like when your business responds to their comments on your website.

Adding social media icons to a business website encourages customers to share your posts on their social networks Include a few different social buttons to give them options on where to share. Consider the millions of users socializing for hours in these outlets, sharing opinions, favorites, and recommendations with friends, colleagues, and contacts across the globe who then share with their connections. A great way to tell your customers about your business’s social media profiles is to embed links to the profiles in your comments on the website. Some businesses use scrolling social media buttons, which move with the reader as they scroll down the page. Posts that are rich in content reflect well on your company and have a higher probability of being shared on the social networks of your users. Stand out from competitors by implementing some, or all, of these eight ways to engage your customers on networks like Facebook and Twitter.
You are more likely to attract new customers and engage existing ones with this type of targeted messaging.

Your contest has the potential to boost brand visibility, especially if you stipulate that you are required to share the post on social media networks in order to enter.
While traditional marketing tactics are still in play, your business can add social media marketing to its advertising plan to widen the number of potential customers. Social media provides unprecedented opportunities for large and small businesses alike to get in front of a sea of consumers. However, without the guidance and experience of a strategic social media marketing agency, your business could miss opportunities or even risk damage to your brands.

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